Mexican Posadas

Mexican Christmas Posada

The Mexican posadas are festivities characteristic of the month of December in which family is enjoyed, Christmas is celebrated and above all, typical Mexican products are tasted. It is believed that the first posada was held in 1587.

Although they are not characteristic of Mexico, as they are celebrated in other countries of the continent, they are very popular and awaited during the last days of the year.

Mexican Christmas Posadas

These popular festivities are celebrated just 9 days before the arrival of Christmas Eve. This celebration is based on the legend about the birth of the baby Jesus and ended up being called Las Posadas.

These recount the 9-day journey from the city of Nazareth to Bethlehem of Joseph and Mary. Just upon arrival, Mary went into labor and accompanied by Joseph, they searched tirelessly for a place to stay, both inns and homes, but they did not succeed. Tired and simply wanting shelter from the night, they ended up in a stable.

During Christmas, Mexican homes are filled with food, Christmas decorations, piñatas and everything necessary to celebrate the famous posadas. The hosts of the houses represent the innkeepers while the guests are those pilgrims who, seeking shelter and food, find a home with their loved ones.

In addition to these celebrations inside the home, processions and festivities were also held in the street or in churches, where music, dancing and prayers were not to be missed.

Traditional Mexican Posadas

If you are thinking of celebrating a real traditional posada, take note of the steps to follow. Guests will have to ask for an inn when entering the house, and once inside, they are given a gift by the hosts.

Once inside, it is customary to sing Christmas carols, pray, all in front of the Christmas decorations. Sweets and hot beverages are not to be missed during the evening. Then comes the most awaited moment for the little ones in the house: breaking the piñata. Above all, don’t forget to celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy the holiday season.

Mexican posada decorations

The traditional decorations that can be found in Mexican posadas are those that resemble a stable or an old inn, although nowadays they are more Christmas decorations that are not so ostentatious. That means preparing a homemade dinner, having hot drinks and some sweets to end the evening.

As for the material, lanterns, candles or small lights are used to illuminate the interior of the houses. In addition, the interior has to be decorated with branches, flowers and so on. In the past it was much more accurate to copy the environment, but today that has become a secondary concern.

Baskets were also arranged in which gifts were placed for the guests, concerts with live music were organized and even processions were held inside the homes.

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