Must-see tours in Puebla

Panoramic view of Puebla

We have already recommended several tours in Mexico City. Among them, we talked a little about the city of Puebla, with its well-known Parían market and the important volcanoes that surround the city. If you would like to know more about it, join us.

Getting to know Puebla

Part of Mexico City, this metropolis is surrounded by mountains, valleys, hillsides and volcanoes. Its origins date back to the XVI century, with the intention of being a residence for Spanish immigrants. Currently, the city is made up of buildings from the colonial era, which despite having suffered significant damage due to earthquakes, were successfully restored.

Tours in Puebla

  1. The historic center of Puebla
  2. The Zócalo of Puebla
  3. Puebla, 5 mayo and the forts
  4. Palafoxiana de Puebla Library and House of Culture
  5. Artist’s quarter in Puebla
  6. Plazuela and callejón de los sapos (Toad Alley)
  7. The Rosary Church of Puebla


The historic center of Puebla

Exterior of Puebla Cathedral


Its historic center was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, thanks to its impressive cathedral.

Its characteristic red bricks will make you recognize it instantly. You will also be able to visit the inside, observe the oil paintings, the figures and visit its numerous chapels.

The zocalo of Puebla

It is the main square of the city but is better known by the name of El Zócalo. In this place full of history we can find a nice place to spend time surrounded by trees, a fountain and wonderful views of the cathedral. It currently hosts plays, concerts and a variety of entertainment.

Puebla, 5 de mayo and the forts

This date is very important for Mexicans because of the great battle that was won that day against the French invaders. Today it is a symbol of patriotism and remembered with pride. That is why you need to visit the area where the remodeled forts of Loreto and Guadalupe are located.

The Palafoxiana Cathedral of Puebla or house of culture,The Palafoxian Cathedral of Puebla or Puebla and the Palafoxian library of culture, aa

Founded in the 17th century, it is known for being the first public library in the Americas and one of the oldest.

The house of culture, besides having an impressive collection of books, is a place for exhibitions on different themes.

Artist’s quarter in Puebla

This is where most of the city’s artists are concentrated, exhibiting their creations, plays and concerts to the inhabitants of Puebla and tourists.

It became the artistic center of Puebla thanks to two art teachers who wanted to create for their students the perfect area where they could conceive their art and express themselves freely.

Plazuela and callejón de los sapos (Toad Alley)

Plazuela de los sapos in PueblaAlso part of the artist’s quarter, the plazuela and the alley of the toads are the ideal places where we will find most of the antique dealers in Puebla.

You can buy handicrafts, souvenirs, vases, furniture… You can also take a nice walk and visit its colorful streets.

The Rosary Church in Puebla

And last but not least, the church of the rosary. This church pays homage to the Virgin of the Rosary, whose chapel is covered with gold leaf. For a long time it was baptized as the house of gold, and it leaves those who visit it speechless.

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