My experience in a Cenote

Cenote Closed

Long before fate (assuming there is such a thing) made me a citizen of the Yucatan peninsula, Playense first, Cancunense  then,  I traveled to Yucatecan lands in an adventure that included Cancun and Merida, and that meant for those involved several hours on the road that connects these two beautiful cities, and that, without knowing it at the time, hides magnificent treasures located just a few steps from the road.

On the way back from the “White City” and tired from a trip that had left us little time for rest, our driver decided, and very wisely I must mention, that we should stretch our legs and have something to eat. For such purposes, he parked the truck on the side of the road, in a small lot that with a rustic wooden message announced a cave with a Cenote, of course he had heard of cenotes before traveling to Cancun and of course, he had a basic idea of what it was, however he ignored something transcendental when talking about these mythical and quasi-religious places, iconic sites of Cancun and the Riviera Maya: nobody, absolutely nobody can tell you the beauty that hides a Cenote, if your eyes don’t do it.

Cavern Cenote

At first glance and from the road, it would have been impossible for anyone who does not know the area to find out everything that that  The ground and its wooden sign hid a small door from which stairs were born that seemed to unfold as I walked them, going at the same time down to a cave and unveiling unforgettable images that still inhabit my head today.  The high
ceiling of the cavern, majestically adorned by hundreds of stalactites,  it seemed the same as a sigh in the depths of my being, amazed by the unpronounceable beauty of an unknown place, especially for its beauty, I continued to descend until finally  the great vault that formed the cenote was completely visible, the sensation it caused me was almost indescribable, almost a tear, an infinite contemplation, I kept going down to meet the water, but my mind is still contemplating the image of that day, the postcard that this place printed in my head.

a  ray of light  fearfully descended through a hole in the ceiling (which is more like the floor) and landed on a semicircular stone that was almost in the center of the small pool of very fresh water.  and crystalline water that formed the bottom of the cavern, clean, pure water, filtered over millions of years in which the peaks that decorate the ceiling of the cavern were formed and ended up creating a sublime canvas.

The story afterwards doesn’t say much, the waters of this beautiful cavern served us to relax for a good few minutes while upstairs our food was ready, we ate and drank with that country hospitality that is so seldom found these days and continued on our way, soon we were back at the Cancun airport and ready to return home, but the image of such a beautiful place is what I took back with me the first time I was in Cancun,  Maybe that’s why I came back, maybe that’s why I didn’t leave, because more than taking something with me, I stayed here, contemplating one of nature’s whims, which since then accompanies me and reminds me that this is the place where I want to be.

Cenotes, magical places.

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