Nikkei, the new arrival at Grand Oasis Sens


Oasis is on a constant mission to offer its guests a wide variety of cuisines that not only delights, but surprises, captivates, and seduces the senses of each and every guest.

Chef Rafael Zafra ready for his new venture

This mission is spearheaded by the talent and hard work of executive chef Rafael Zafra, a master of molecular gastronomy who constantly searches for new challenges and ways of applying the knowledge he has gained from his travels to the dishes he serves.

Rafael’s most recent trip took him to Peru, a country rich in culture whose cuisine not only has Spanish influences but also Japanese ones from mass immigration in the late 19th and early 20th century. This fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines has created its very own array of dishes that are highly sought after by lovers of fine dining.

San Pellegrino’s list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014 is a testament to the countries fantastic fare; the first and second spot are occupied by Peruvian restaurants, with three in the top ten. One of which specializes in the combination of Peruvian and Japanese food, known in Peru as Nikkei.

Javier Wong, a pioneer of Nikkei cuisine

To soak up the true Nikkei culture, Rafael visited some of Peru’s best restaurants like La Rosa Nautica, Mayta, Maido, and Astrid & Gaston. This last one owned by chef Gastón Acurio, one of the most important promoters of Peruvian gastronomy and winner of the Chef’s Choice Award 2014 at the San Pellegrino Best Restaurants ceremony. Chef Zafra also had the opportunity to visit Chez Wong, a small, modest restaurant, run by esteemed chef Javier Wong whose ceviche is considered by many to be the best in Peru; the same ceviche that was awarded best dish in the world by Chowzter World’s Tastiest Fast Feasts 2014.

Apart from visiting restaurants and meeting up with chefs, Rafael dedicated a large part of his trip to visiting the food markets of Lima, getting an authentic taste of Peruvian food and learning more about the ingredients used in Peruvian cooking. The new ideas that chef Zafra has brought back to Cancun will be showcased at the Grand Oasis Sens’ newest eatery.

Sunset terrace, the location for the new Sakura Sunset restaurant

Soon we will be able to see, smell, and above all, taste chef Zafra’s Peruvian/Japanese offerings at restaurant Sakura Sunset. This new adventure for Oasis Hotels & Resorts will no doubt dazzle guests, not just for the impressive menu but also for its spectacular location with breathtaking views over the lagoon and the beautiful sunsets that grace it daily. Our chef is ready so all that is left is for you to book yourself a table. Buen provecho!   Or should that be どうぞめしあがれ!

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