Oasis´ very own Cirque de Soleil

Origen at the Oasis Cancun

When I posted one of these photos on my Facebook page I received a message from a friend that asked if it was the Cirque de Soleil, the world famous Canadian entertainment troupe that recently arrived in our state and whose shows entertain millions worldwide. With great pride I messaged her to say that it was in fact Origen; a show at the Oasis Cancun hotel. The piece, put on by the theatrical group Humanicorp, takes us on a journey through the history of Mexico focusing on the arrival of the conquistadors and the clash of cultures that followed.


The show, which takes place in the breathtaking lobby of the Pyramid building (Oasis Cancun’s central structure), is one of the reasons why this hotel is the number one home of entertainment in Cancun.

The spectacle has all the elements to leave the audience openmouthed; impressive costumes, fantastic audio and lighting, and above all, incredible performances by the group of actors-dancers-acrobats (yes they do it all!). The show remains in the memory of those who see it, ready to recount when back home.

The home of entertainment


Oasis Cancun the entertainment hotel

Of course, this is not the only show that takes place in the Oasis Cancun lobby and it is not just for its guests. Those staying at the Oasis Palm and the Grand Oasis Sens can also attend using the fantastic ‘Runaway’ program, which allows guests to spend the day enjoying what other Oasis hotels have to offer. This means all guests can marvel in the splendour of an Oasis show, full of music, dance, and acrobatics, guided by the talent and experience of Cuki Pons, the man responsible for the shows Oasis Hotels & Resorts offer.

The Oasis Cancun continues to be a leader in entertainment in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, and while there are hundreds of reasons to stay here, without doubt one of the best is the chance of seeing such high caliber shows that compete and even surpass those at the highest international level. All at no extra cost and in the comfort of your own hotel with that cordial service that only Oasis offers you.

Acrobatics to awe

Art in motion

Shows on a international level

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