Olympic Games


Bringing out the best in us

The Olympic Games are, among many other things, a declaration of unity between people and places. They bring out the best in us both as athletes and spectators; our competitive spirit, fair play, and a chance to show the best version of ourselves in the quest for glory. During the games there are no enemies only rivals. For 19 days in Rio de Janeiro battles will be won and lost, opponents will embrace each other, and Olympic heroes will be born.

x31179246223784719_8The Games are also chapters that mark our history and, when records are broken, show how far we have come as a species. Memories that last a lifetime are made. The opening and closing ceremonies are often remembered fondly, whether it was a colourful affair like Beijing 2008 or imposing like London 2012. These ceremonies have become a major point of reference to the games, with the host nation showcasing its culture, ideas, and passions while providing a message it wants to send the rest of the world in the process.

An unforgettable ceremony

The opening ceremonies have grown rapidly over the years, each trying to outdo the previous one. However, there is one that definitely marked a watershed moment in Olympic inaugurations, one that stood out in the memory due to the sheer spectacle and imagination behind it. We are of course talking about the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, one that fills us at Oasis with pride as the man behind this celebration is none other than our head of entertainment, Spanish director and producer Cuki Pons.


Cuki Pons

Honorary member of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and successful television and film director, Cuki, as he is affectionately known by his peers, brings to every Oasis show, not only his indisputable talent and imagination, but also the experience of a man that marked a generation that watched that arrow fly over the Olympic cauldron in the most spectacular lighting of the Olympic flame ever seen.

Ceremony after ceremony, every four years people congregate in a stadium somewhere in the world to celebrate the beginning of the Olympic Games, and despite the efforts of talented creative artists and directors, Barcelona 92 continues to be a benchmark for the games; its colours, its machines and structures, the boats, the flamenco and the Mediterranean emotion that ran skin deep.

So the next time you visit us make sure you don’t miss out on the breathtaking shows that the most important entertainment team in the Caribbean offers, because behind each one of them is not only a talented team of dancers, acrobats and make-up artists, but also the flair and wisdom of a man that, without being an athlete, left his mark on the history of the Olympic Games.

The lighting of the 1992 Olympic flame

Quetzal at Grand Oasis Cancun

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