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So your flights are booked, your hotel reservation has been made (with us we hope!), and you can’t wait to show off your newly bought swimwear, but wait, have you got the right currency? Will your phone charger work in Mexico? And how are you going to visit the many attractions our region has to offer? To answer these questions and more allow us to give you a quick rundown on what you need to know before arriving in this sun drenched city.


Caribe Maya offer a wide range of transport options

Airport transfers – If your hotel reservation doesn’t include airport transfers then get in touch with our sister company Caribe Maya who will be more than happy to help get your vacation off to a great start.

Buses – The cheapest way to get around Cancun is by bus. The R1, R2, R15 and R27 buses run the length of the hotel zone into the city centre and beyond, 24 hours a day 7 days a week and cost just $10.50 pesos or US$1 a ride.

Taxis – Most taxis in Cancun don’t run on a meter so it is always best to ask the taxi driver beforehand what the price will be to avoid any surprise charge on arrival. Like restaurants and bars, taxis in the hotel zone are generally more expensive than in downtown Cancun.

Smart car – All our hotels offer the opportunity to rent a Smart car and visit the many beautiful places our region has to offer. Once in our hotels, just ask our Smart car team for more information.


Hot with a capital H! You most likely know that you will be arriving to high temperatures (this is the Caribbean after all), however what may take you by surprise if you’ve never been to the tropics before is the humidity, which, like the beautiful scenery that surrounds us, may take your breath away. Keeping well hydrated is the order of the day in Cancun and the Riviera Maya!6

What to pack

Clothing – Plenty of t-shirts and shorts, and swimwear of course. As some of our more elegant restaurants ask for formal dress, we recommend packing shirts, trousers, dresses and smart footwear to make that special dinner even more special.

Plug adapters – Electrical sockets in Mexico are the same as those found in the United States and Canada. Otherwise, our hotels have a number of adapters for guests and they can also be purchased in our hotel shops.

Sunscreen – Don’t be that person who turns red on their first day of vacation and then can’t enjoy our pools or beach for fear of getting confused for a tomato. Bring sunscreen and make sure it’s suitable for the Caribbean sun which will burn you faster than you can say “another piña colada please”.

Sunglasses/Hat – Again to protect yourself from the sun’s rays… and to look cool.4

Insect repellent – While our hotels are regularly fumigated to keep away unwanted guests, you may still come across mosquitoes on your travels, especially around areas of heavy plant growth. So we recommend you bring an insect repellent with DEET to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay.

Money – While the peso is the national currency, in Cancun and along the Riviera Maya you will find that many places accept US dollars. Our hotels offer currency exchange facilities as well as ATM’s where you can exchange your foreign currency.

We hope this has helped put you at ease so that those vacations in the sun that you have been long looking forward to go off with a bang!


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