Runaway to Oasis

Runaway program, lo mejor de Oasis hoteles.

Wonderful hotels and turquoise beaches are not only the distinctive symbols of Cancun, but also the dream that every year millions of people have about their vacations, therefore, the competition between the different resorts of this beautiful place is really steadfast, different chains and hotels offer every day new and varied services that try to convince potential guests that each one is better than the other, however, there is something that no other hotel company in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean can offer, the possibility to stay in one and enjoy up to 6 different hotels.

Only Oasis.

And only a leading company in Quintana Roo could offer to those who dream of
unforgettable vacations, a program that allows you to enjoy dozens of restaurants,  different and beautiful beaches, activities of all kinds, many different pools and of course, the same service that makes you feel at home at all times.

Runaway the best of Oasis Hotels.

hoteles tulum
Oasis and Grand Oasis Tulum Hotels

This program we are talking about is none other than the “Runaway program”.  an exclusive scheme that allows guests of Oasis hoteles & Resorts, the possibility to visit the company’s different hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and enjoy all the pleasures, amenities and services we have for you. Enjoy the tranquility of a beach in Akumal,  delight your palate with the taste of the amazing chefs of the exclusive Oasis Sens, enjoy the wonderful entertainment of the great master of fun, the Oasis Cancun or simply enjoy the Mexican ambiance of the most family-friendly hotel, the Oasis Cancun.  Oasis Palm, all for the same price, with only one company, and with the service and quality that only a pioneer company in the Caribbean can offer.

What are you waiting for? Come to Oasis!

The best of hotels, Oasis Sens

So now you know, come to Oasis today! throughthe social networks of each of its hotels. o ask the  travel agent of your preference for the details of  this incredible program, unique in Cancun, that will make you forget forever that there are other hotels or even  other vacation destinations. Remember that in Oasis we have all the hotels and all the entertainment for your days with us to be exactly what you expectand have as good a time as you have always wanted during your vacation, do not wait any longer and start dreaming of the vacations that are already waiting for you.






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