Runaway to Oasis

Runaway program, the best of Oasis

Beautiful hotels and turquoise blue waters aren’t the only characteristics that distinguish Cancun from other popular destinations. With so many hotels, competition in Cancun is fierce. Every day the different hotels offer new services to attract potential guests. However there is only one hotel group in the Mexican Caribbean that offers the possibility of staying at one hotel and being able to enjoy five others at no extra cost.

Only Oasis

Only one company in Quintana Roo can offer those searching for their dream holiday, dozens of restaurants, beautiful beaches, amazing pools, and a host of activities, and of course the same cordial service that makes you feel at home at all times.

Runaway offering you the best of Oasis

Oasis and Grand Oasis Tulum

What we are talking about is the ‘Runaway program,’ an exclusive arrangement that allows Oasis guests the chance to visit other Oasis hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and enjoy the services provided. Lay back and unwind on a tranquil beach in Akumal, delight in the magical dishes created by the chefs at Grand Oasis Sens, see the amazing entertainment on offer at the grandmaster of fun; Oasis Cancun, or simply take in a truly Mexican experience at the family friendly Oasis Palm. Enjoy these and many more incredible services that only a pioneering hotel group like Oasis can provide.


Grand Oasis Sens



So what are you waiting for?

So now you know, get in contact with Oasis through our social media pages or ask your travel agent for more information about this incredible program that makes other hotels pale in comparison. At Oasis we have all the hotels and entertainment you’re looking for, so don’t wait any longer to book those vacations you so rightly deserve!








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