Sac Actun Cenotes

Mexico’s attractions are waiting for you, with wonderful activities and natural landscapes that you won’t see anywhere else. Go and visit the Sac Actun cenotes to enjoy a great day that you won’t forget.

Sac Actun systems

Take advantage of the experience by going to see as many cenotes as possible or if you don’t have time, choose the best and most special ones. The cenotes of Sac Actun whose name means ”white cave” is one of the most impressive systems in which you can dive. Knowledgeable divers who have already made more than one dive will be delighted to visit.

When Sac Actun was found, very important archaeological remains were discovered. A very high amount of fossils were also found, which led to the idea of calling the system a ”pet cemetery” for a long time, but the idea was finally discarded.

It is composed of a cave system considered the largest in the world, about 350 kilometers. It is believed that there is much more to discover, what mysteries are hidden in its caverns and caves?

One of the curiosities you need to know is that it is connected to Cenote Dos Ojos, another of the cenotes we recommend visiting in Mexico. Discover all the natural creations hidden in the country such as caves and caverns and their most important characteristics.

The caverns of Mexico

  • Naica
  • The basement of the swallows
  • Popoca Sinkhole

The caves of Mexico

There are currently a total of 270 caves in the country, although there may still be many more to be discovered. In them you can go caving and admire the most spectacular natural creations. One of the most beautiful is Naica, a cave composed of selenite crystals that create an otherworldly atmosphere.

The swallows’ cellar is one of the deepest, with a free fall of approximately 370 meters. As it is full of birds in its interior, it has received the curious name by which it is known.

Another of the most beautiful caves you will see in Mexico is Popoca, which although it is not very big, the best part of your visit will surely be the great waterfall at the entrance of the cave.

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