Tepoztlan Magical Town

As an alternative for resting and having fun for people who live near the center of Mexico, the beautiful town of Tepoztlan, Morelos is a must, provided the charm of its streets, the tradition that can be admired on its monuments and buildings, its culinary delights, and the unique magic it offers.

Tepoztlan is a magical town where you can easily arrive, driving approximately one and a half hours from Mexico City; to help you plan your trip, here we will tell you about the best activities in Tepoztlan.

Tepozteco Hill in Tepoztlan, Morelos

tezpoteco hill in tepoztlan morelos

Needless to say that this is one of the best attractions in Tepoztlan; indeed, it is a must-visit for those who seek to admire the spectacular views from the heights and witness the local archeology.

Depending on factors like age, physical condition, and the number of companions, it will take you around 40 minutes to 1 hour to get to the top of the Tepozteco; however, once you get there, you will be able to enjoy the scenery and the good vibe of Tepoztlan.

Delicious Ice Creams of Tepoztlan, Morelos

artisan ice cream in tepoztlan

Apart from being a true delight for the palate, ice cream in Tepoztlan, Morelos has become famous due to the wide variety of flavors and combinations available. With more than 100 flavors to choose from, you will probably find it hard to decide, though the good news is that any choice will be the right one.

With exotic flavors like fig, nanche, prayer for the dead, and alcoholic combinations such as rum with raisins, tequila with lime, or mimosa, you will surely read the menu for several minutes before you can finally choose.

Historic Places in Tepoztlán Morelos

church in tepoztlan

When you stroll down the streets and settings of the Tepoztlan magical town, you will find the reason why it gained this designation. Some of its best interest points are:

  • Tepoztlan Ex-convent
  • Carlos Pellicer’s Pre-Hispanic Art Museum
  • Church & Ex-convent of Our Lady of the Nativity
  • Markets, boutiques, and art galleries

In each corner of Tepoztlan, Morelos there is a good reason to take the time to discover, admire, or savor.

Market of Tepoztlan, Morelos

typical food in tepoztlan

No tourism visit is complete without savoring the local gastronomy, and in the Tepoztlan Market, you will find so many antojitos that your mouth will start watering from the moment you get close. Just imagine a spicy pozole, some quesadillas with handmade tortillas, a traditional pancita, or some finger-licking salted meat tacos.

A great attraction for those who visit the market on Sunday is the handcrafts tianguis (street market), where you can take home the perfect souvenir of your visit to Tepoztlan Morelos.

As it is very close to the Nativity Church, Tepoztlan Market is an excellent option to have breakfast, before you go up Tepozteco Hill.

Good Vibes in Tepoztlan, Morelos

Do not miss the magic and tradition of this beautiful magical town, perfect to visit anytime, whether it is with friends, family, or as a couple. There are truly amazing places to discover in Mexico, with beautiful all-inclusive resorts in Mexico for all likings. Would you like to know more about it?


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