Head ruins of the ancient Aztec empire

The ancient Aztec empire

Head ruins of the ancient Aztec empire

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The name currently given to the Mexica empire.

If you are interested in knowing more about the customs of the Aztecs (yes, that’s another way of calling the Mexica) we will talk about the most notorious facts you should know about them.

This group of peoples that made up Mesoamerica was made up of people who shared similar traditions, language and customs. Their language was Nahuatl, which is still spoken today in many indigenous towns in Mexico.

Capital of the Mexica empire

The ancient capital of the impressive Mexica empire was Tenochtitlán, one of the most historically important areas and one that currently receives many visitors throughout the year, believe it or not. This city is currently called Mexico City.

This discovery began in 1978 after years of excavations, which finally uncovered hundreds of remains of the ancient Mexica capital. After long investigations it was determined that the city remained hidden because the Spaniards began to build on top of it in order to hide the Aztec temples, also wanting to symbolize the power they had in front of them.

remains found ancient aztec empire

This city was located in the Anahuac valley and consisted of a major temple, canals, causeways and other buildings. It is believed that the city founded by the Mexica in 1325 was inhabited by more than 200,000 inhabitants, all of them from different social classes.

Legend has it that a group of Aztecs migrated from Aztlán by obligation of Huitzilopochtli to found a new city in a place where there was an eagle on a tunal; the name of the city literally means ”place of the tunas”. Huitzilopochtli was a very important deity in the Mexica religion, specifically he was the god of war.

Incas, Mayas and Mexicas

The ancient Mexica, Maya and Inca civilizations differed from each other in the following ways: the Mexica had Tenochtitlan as their main capital, expanding mainly in the center and south. The Maya built great pyramids and were one of the oldest civilizations, expanding into several Mexican states. The Incas were one of the most important pre-Columbian civilizations in South America.

Aztec Cities

  1. Tenochtitlan
  2. Tochtlan
  3. Ixtapan
  4. Texcoco
  5. Tlacopan
  6. Mazatlan

Mexica azteca

Thanks to the Aztec or Mexica civilization, which was one of the most advanced empires in different branches, the world today benefits from its great contributions. Among them we can find its heritage in medicinal plants and herbs.

The chinampas were also introduced in agriculture, an intelligent way to obtain crops without having large plots of land and free from drought.

They were also expert astronomers, who measured time very intelligently with their 365-day calendar, the system we use today.

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