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Not all couples are the same, in Oasis we are very clear about that, that’s why today we want to recommend the best vacations for couples depending on the hotel you have chosen for your trip. Whether your plan is crazy or family oriented, if you are looking for a nightlife or just relax, at Oasis we have the perfect hotel and activities for couples for every occasion. We know that routine kills and at Oasis we want you to live to the fullest.

Oh! The Urban Oasis

Oh! live the urban experience as a couple


Oh! It is the boutique and urban version of Oasis Hotels & Resorts, but let it be clear, although urban, this beautiful hotel is a true Oasis in the center of the city. A beautiful terrace with an exclusive area for adults makes the Oh! The perfect place for your couple’s vacation, start by relaxing in their beautiful outdoor whirlpool tubs, add a sexy touch and order champagne and sushi from their star restaurant. “The White Terrace”. There will be no way to resist the modern touch of this hotel, which is definitely unique in Cancun.

Grand Oasis Palm

enjoy a couple’s vacation without leaving the kids behind


Travel as a couple can be anything, even a family trip. We know that for many couples traveling without their children is complicated, if not impossible, but at Oasis we won’t let that get in the way of a great couple’s vacation. Although Grand Oasis Palm is the star when it comes to family hotels in Cancun, the staff of this fabulous hotel has more than one surprise for you to turn that simple family trip into fabulous activities for two. This hotel is full of activities for the little ones, let them have fun in the pool with the activities of the best entertainment group in the Caribbean while you pamper yourself with a couple’s massage in its fantastic Spa. More relaxed? How about leaving the kids to rest from their busy day on the water and prepare for a spectacular evening at the amazing tapas restaurant “The Box”? With the babysitting service and themed rooms there will be nothing to worry about, order some white wine, walk on the beach, your family trip just became a romantic weekend with your partner.

The Pyramid

vacations as a couple and in luxury.

Vacation as a couple means comfort, and the first thing you look for in a room is that it is modern, comfortable and with everything you need to forget that outside the world exists, concentrate only on your loved one and leave your worries behind is the essence of a vacation as a couple. With access to all the restaurants in Cancun’s largest resort, the options are many, and remember that this hotel is home to the most spectacular entertainment in the Mexican Caribbean. Reserve a dinner at the restaurant “Red Circus” and marvel at shows that will blow your mind, or if you are looking for something more intimate, why not a dinner on the beach with romantic music and low light? No matter what your choice is, if your trip as a couple is at this hotel, romance is guaranteed.

Grand Oasis Sens

Young couple Oasis pool

In the mood for something daring and intrepid? Then this hotel has the perfect couple’s activities for your Caribbean adventure. Feeling daring? Why not start the day tanning your body in our topless pool, the temperature between you and your partner is already starting to rise. And for later, how about a dinner from the fabulous sunset terrace of the “Sakura” restaurant, the view of the sunset over the lagoon will set the perfect mood for love. Book a room with private pool and order a bottle of sparkling wine to the room, this will be a trip you will never forget.

Grand Oasis Tulum

couple vacations

Grand Oasis Tulum, the pleasure of getting away from it all.


Sometimes the couple’s vacations we are looking for are those that allow us to get away from it all and dedicate ourselves exclusively to the person who puts the sparkle in our eyes, Grand Oasis Tulum is the perfect place for this. Located between the beautiful beaches of Tulum and the incredible Akumal area, this resort is the perfect place to relax and experience a couple’s vacation that will bring you closer together. Relax in the infinity pool or go out to admire the beautiful coral reef just a few meters from the shore of one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. And when night falls, a dinner at Careyes restaurant will be the icing on the cake in this journey of romance, lobster, a table finely adorned with rose petals, white wine and an atmosphere of dim light and intimacy will make the night perfect, just like your vacation in this beautiful Riviera Maya resort.

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