The chilaquiles

Traditional chilaquiles dish

Chilaquiles, a staple of Mexican cuisine, are made from corn tortillas, which are fried or toasted to make a perfect dish at any time of the day. If you like spicy vegetables and cheese, we encourage you to make this recipe at home.

Chilaquiles sandwich

Chilaquiles are one of the most widely cooked Mexican foods in the world. This traditional dish is made with totopos or tortillas that are fried. It is usually a typical starter, a traditional breakfast or even a main dish that everyone likes, especially if you are a spicy lover.

There is more than one variant of chilaquiles that will depend on the sauce you like the most, so they will become green or red chilaquiles. This will be determined by the chili with which the sauce is made, which will acquire a more reddish or greenish tone.

Nowadays, many more ingredients are usually added, whether animal proteins such as chicken or pork, vegetables such as onion or avocado, cheeses such as quesillo or spices and herbs that add the final touch to the dish.

Although the variants of green and red chilaquiles are the most requested in restaurants, there are even more culinary creations typical of different regions of the country, such as chilaquiles with chorizo, typical of Oaxaca, or chilaquiles de huevo estrelllado, which were born in the Guanajuato area.

Red Chilaquiles

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Oil
  • Totopos
  • Salt
  • Cheese
  • Beans
  • Vegetable or animal protein
  • Sour cream
  • Guajillo chiles and tomatoes

Chilaquiles are usually one of the traditional breakfasts for Mexicans, since for them this meal is the most important of the day and chilaquiles are very hearty. To prepare the traditional red chilaquiles recipe you will need the previously mentioned ingredients, although if you do not like any of them or do not have them, you can make modifications to your liking.

The vegetables should be boiled, strained and set aside to rest. The ingredients should then be blended to the desired consistency and strained so that there are no lumps. Once the sauce is ready, it has to be poured on top of the tortilla chips previously decorated with herbs and chopped onion, cheese, beans and previously cooked vegetable or animal meat.

Green Chilaquiles

Like red chilaquiles, this dish is found on the breakfast table of millions of Mexicans every day. The main variant is the chiles used to make the green sauce, which are usually serrano chiles and tomatillos to give it that characteristic green tone. All the other ingredients are the same, although you can include more or omit those you do not like.

Stuffed chilaquiles

In order to make stuffed chilaquiles, you simply need to add a handful of cheese of your choice to your tortillas before frying or toasting. Afterwards, you can bathe your stuffed chilaquiles with the sauce you like the most and accompany them with the most commonly used ingredients, although as we always say, you can make the variations you want.

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