Landscape in Villa del Carbon

The Coal Village

Landscape in Villa del Carbon

It was in the year 2015 when Villa del Carbon gets the appointment of Pueblo Magico of the state of Mexico…if you want to know more about it, stay and read the following lines.

Villa del Carbon Magical Town

You will know that Mexico is full of magical towns, and Villa del Carbon is one more on the list. This territory borders Chapa de Mota, the state of Hidalgo, Tepotzotlán, Morelos and Jiquilpo.

In general it has a humid climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year, except in winter when it becomes much colder with frosts in February, March, August and September.

You can arrive from several points of the Mexican geography, for example from Mexico City you are 2 hours away by car or 2 hours and a half from Toluca. In the past, this beautiful magical town was part of the municipality of Chapa de Mota, until it ceased to be so in 1714.

Llano Villa del Carbon Dam

The Presa del Llano ecotourism park is 20 kilometers from Villa del Carbon, a place where nature and peace abound. Get ready for a day of absolute tranquility watching springs, rivers, trees… There are also several activities for both adults and children: you can go zip-lining, rent a boat or go fishing.

Villa del Carbon Waterfalls

Another must-see in Villa del Carbon are the waterfalls, a recreational complex where you can play, rest and participate in events. Just 10 minutes from the center of town you will find swimming pools, natural waterfalls and much more. If you are in the mood for a different plan in which you and your children will share unique moments in the middle of nature, you have found the perfect place.

What to do in Villa del Carbon

Building in Villa del Carbon

  • Temple of the Virgin of the Rock of France
  • Craft market
  • Hidalgo Square
  • House of culture
  • Presa de Taxhimay
  • Plain Dam

What awaits you in Villa del Carbon? You can take long walks through the Plaza Hidalgo, a small but very cozy place where you can buy snacks and go up to its kiosk. It is the central part of Villa del Carbon, essential to go to good restaurants and know more points that you can not miss. The most typical dishes you can taste are buñuelos, chicharrón (pork rinds) or cochinita pibil.

For those who like to escape from routine and always know new things, they have to stop by the Casa de la Cultura, a building where events, workshops and classes on various topics are usually prepared.

You can also visit the Taxhimay Dam, where you can see the curious village that is submerged underwater. If you look closely, you will see the church tower protruding above the water. Specifically, it is the tower of the old Parish of San Luis Rey de Francia.

Presa del Llano is also a very popular place for people looking for natural landscapes, where they can do all kinds of activities such as sport fishing, hiking or boat rides. If you and your family feel like it, there are cabins available for camping.

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