The great secret of Oasis

One hundred and five kilometers south of Cancun and just 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen is located the best kept secret of Oasis Hotels & Resorts. and one of the jewels of the Mexican Caribbean; Oasis Tulum and Grand Oasis Tulum are the perfect place to enjoy the most paradisiacal area of the state, relax and have a real vacation, time to ignore the bustle of cars and offices and change it for the soft sound of the waves, the white sand and turquoise sea, all characteristics, that we are close to  of the “Walled City” Tulum  .


The welcome is warm, relaxed and sums up the essence of Tulum, feeling at home is easy at this hotel and an exotic welcome cocktail is always welcome, the hotel lobby is spacious, clean and very nice, just a few meters away from the beach, my vacation could not have a better start, it’s time to relax.

As is almost always the case after a trip, whether short or short, it doesn’t matter, the stomach  gives a lot of energy. As soon as we arrive at the property, the staff kindly welcomes us and makes the perfect gastronomic recommendations to satiate our hunger, which by that time was already serious, we then head towards the first recommendation: Careyes restaurant, one of the prides of Oasis and a place to really enjoy, tuna medallion, ceviche, prawns, the menu is exceptional and the attention harmonizes perfectly to leave the hunger satisfied, the room ready and the food is delicious.  a happy guest ready to enjoy the hotel.


 The room is nice, well lit and very clean, we have an equipped servibar, the air works perfect, there are enough towels, both for the beach and for the bathroom, you can’t ask for more, it’s time to run to the beach.

 Let’s go to the beach

If everything until now seemed perfect, it is only because I had been deceived because there is no other  perfection than that of mother nature, the solitude of the beach and the impressive transparency of the water invite once again to forget about work and obligations, we arrived.
to paradise and this is the best way to enjoy it, a beautiful white sand beach and turquoise water that extends along the front of the hotel and at the bottom, perhaps 50 meters into the water hides the great Mesoamerican reef, you do not need more than the will to be surprised so that in an instant your hours of “relax” become a moving encounter with the Caribbean in the form of dozens of colorful fish, you do not need anything else, you have it all, take a deep breath, enjoy the trip.

The black night and   its mantle full of stars.


 For the evening we booked at Careyes again, the restaurant has a delicious menu for dinner and we ordered the house specialty: chicken breast stuffed with shrimp and lobster in a pumpkin flower sauce, needless to say it was delicious, the simple description says it all, we also ordered a sweet corn soup with huitlacoche and for dessert, perhaps the best apple strudel I have ever tasted, accompanied by the classic vanilla snow and a beautiful decoration, chocolate figures for the gentleman, a bed of roses for the lady, what more could you ask for?

Light and colors in the evening show

 Once dinner was over it was time for the night show, full of color, music and dance, we were well entertained for about an hour, always accompanied by a drink or cocktail, chocolate martinis, tamarind and vodka frozen, lemon daiquiri, perfect companions to spend some time in the beautiful sea cafe once the show was over and to send us to bed after a day of travel, warm welcomes, delicious food and personalized attention, this is just beginning and I am already wondering how I will return home and live without you Oasis Tulum, I guess the force that will guide my motivations is to know that I can return soon and spend more time with you, I only have one day and I am already starting to miss you.


Oasis Tulum

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