The hotel group Oasis Hotels & Resorts, with more than thirty years of experience in the Mexican Caribbean, has always trusted in Cancun, in its natural beauty, and in the area attractions, by investing on hotel infrastructure and innovating with high-quality products, which enhance the guests’ experience and make their stay an unforgettable moment.

With a more varied hotel offer and the opening of new properties that allow their visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, the hotel group has added plans and alternatives that meet all budgets and the interests of all ages. The Oasis essence that has always leaded them to innovate, and at the same time to offer several highly flexible plans.


Under the tagline “Be Free, Stay Safe”, and seeking to offer their guests the flexibility of configuring their stay to their liking, at the beginning of 2021, Oasis Hotels & Resorts inaugurated Oh! Cancun On The Beach hotel.

Based on the constant study of their audiences, they designed this hotel with a fresh, innovative, and flexible concept, which allows guests to create their own vacation packages, with option of European, continental, modified American or all-inclusive plan.

One of the big attractions in Oh! Cancun On The Beach, is its privileged location on kilometer 16.5 of the Cancun hotel zone, where you can find one of the widest and most beautiful beaches in this tourist destination, in addition to its proximity to the Cancun International airport and the best tourist attractions of the area.

As it is a 4-star hotel, Oh! Cancun On The Beach boasts comfortable air-conditioned rooms, equipped with everything necessary to enjoy a good rest. Where some people won’t need too much luxury, they’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant stay con highly-competitive rates, but keeping the high-level features distinctive of this hotel chain.

With the opening of this hotel, Oasis Hotels & Resorts enters a new segment that has been gaining popularity, offering flexible and affordable plans both, for their individual guests, and for the groups & conventions market.

All the rooms are spacious and offering charming decoration, in addition to being equipped with air conditioning and their own temperature control, full bathroom with hot water, and option of one cozy king size bed or two double beds. Basically in Oh! Cancun On The Beach, guests enjoy a comfortable stay that allows them to restore their energies, and get ready for their next adventure exploring the beauty of Cancun and its surroundings.

Among this hotel’s strengths, its excellent location allows charming views of the ocean or the property’s tropical gardens. Another aspect that stands out are the Ocean Front Workation Suites; rooms for carrying out the innovative concept of beach office. Each of them are made up of one bedroom and one private office, equipped with everything you may need, for working on pending projects, studying for exams, and all that the guests would do from home, but enjoying a good rest by the sea with a cold beverage.


During the last months of 2020, Oasis Hotels & Resorts started a huge renovation stage, which meant an investment of more than 9 million dollars on the Grand Oasis Palm complex. Part of this capital was used for creating a new product named Sian Ka’an; an adults-only category, featuring exclusive top-shelf suites and restaurants.

On the other hand, for those who travel with their families, they crated the KiddO Zone, where guests from all ages spend quality time, thanks to the creation of exciting attractions, such as the Pirata’s Bay, a beach club by the sea, filled with games and fun, with a pool and a real Spanish galleon that takes parents and children to take part of an exciting pirate offshore adventure. Another new attraction is The Arcade, a recreational videogames area; and for relaxing under the sun, the calm of the Yucatan Jurassic River is a journey to the past, in an atmosphere filled with dinosaurs.

The renovation of Grand Oasis Palm also included experiences and architecture, such as the infinity pool that emphasizes the beauty of the Caribbean landscape, as it seems to merge with the blue shades of the sky and the ocean. Moreover, they added new adults-only relaxation zones, like Sensoria Chill Out & Spa, and the Clound Nine Zone, spots with pools, Jacuzzis, and massage cabins, with open bar service and lounge music.

In summary, Grand Oasis Palm is still a family hotel, now offering exclusive areas for adults who travel with children can enjoy moments of privacy too.


Part of the trust in the destination of Cancun, are the famous events that Oasis Hotels & Resorts has successfully organized for several years, becoming so important for locals and tourists, that when the dates are near, the reservations increase considerably at Grand Oasis Cancun and The Pyramid at Grand Oasis, where the events take place.

According to Jesus Almaguer, Sales & Marketing Director for Oasis Hotels & Resorts, 2021 announces a very positive outlook, with the return of festivals, such as the Oasis Dance U, which is always carried out between March and April, a time when the sun shines bright, marking the beginning of the Spring Break season. The executive also mentioned that they’ve already agreed the participation of two international artists, who will perform at The Oasis Beach Club in its spectacular setting by the turquoise sea; therefore the group is already preparing for several days of parties, music, sun, and lots of fun.


All the properties of Oasis Hotels & Resorts boast meeting rooms and convention halls, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to carry out events of all sizes. Moreover, for each event, a team of expert planners is prepared to assist the clients with each detail, and they’ve designed attractive plans that include highly flexible services and benefits, in addition to the implementation of all hygiene protocols that guarantee areas free of contagion.

It should be pointed out that Oasis Hotels & Resorts recently obtained a recognition for their campaign: Be Free, Stay Safe, which allowed the group to show all the hygiene measures and protocols established by international organizations, and the same that have proved high efficiency at each of their properties. Finally, as these hotels have the POSI Check certification issued by Cristal International Standards, the quality of its facilities, common areas, rooms, pool, consumption centers, and spa is guaranteed.

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