The Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling)

Mexican wrestling masks

Mexican wrestling is the third most valued industry of its kind in the world, behind only the United States and Japan.

Free fighters

  1. El Santo
  2. Blue demon
  3. Mil máscaras
  4. Atlantis

Luchadores mexicanos

El Santo or Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta has been an important Mexican wrestler who even tried his luck in the film world. He became interested in the sport at an early age, but it was not until 1942 that he officially started in the ring.

The name of the next wrestler was Alejandro Muñoz, better known as Blue Demon. He started wrestling in 1948, and it was not until a few years later when he decided to wear his characteristic blue mask.

Another well-known Mexican wrestler was Mil Mascaras, whose real name was Aarón Rodriguez Arellano. His brother Dos Caras was also at the forefront of the Mexican wrestling world.

Alfonso Vega López is the man behind the mask of Atlantis, one of the most coveted masks today. He began his professional career in 1983 and since then has gained popularity after every fight.

Lucha libre online

For information about sports in general, the best way is Lucha Libre online, an online media that has you fully updated about the general results of Smackdown, NJPW, NXT, among many other fights. Thanks to its specialized articles, you will have instant information on what is happening in the sports world.

One of the shows that has more followers in the world year after year is the WWE, whose acronym stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. This American company organizes professional wrestling shows with wrestlers of all kinds. Several Mexican wrestlers have become famous in WWE, such as Eddie Guerrero, Rey Misterio or Alberto Del Rio.

The shows as such are not real, but are based on choreography, scripts and fake fights between the different fighters. These facts were known in the 1980s by the owner of the company Vince McMahon.

Arena Mexico wrestling

If you are an absolute fan of Superluchas and want to see live how your favorite wrestlers perform in the ring, go directly to the online website of Arena Mexico, one of the best venues specialized in this field.

It opened its doors in 1956 under this name, previously known as Arena Modelo. Since then, any fan of this sport knows that going to Arena Mexico is guaranteed fun. Among its fans it is also known as ”The Cathedral of Wrestling” and is considered one of the best wrestling venues in the world.

If you are visiting Mexico City you can’t miss the Arena Mexico because even if you are not a regular fan, it is one of the usual tourist attractions in the city. On the other hand, if you are staying at the Oasis Cancun hotels, you will be able to visit the also popular Arena Cancun TWS.

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