The Magic Town of Malinalco

Panoramic view of Malinalco

We bring you another great plan to connect with nature and gastronomy thanks to the magical town of Malinalco.


In this beautiful valley you are in the middle of the vegetation and mountains, but at the same time you are also in the middle of the city. Walk through the center of the village to see the different colorful houses and its stone streets to stroll through.

Here the modernity of our time is perfectly combined with the colonial houses of the XV and XVII centuries, where important historical events took place.

Malinalco is since 2010 one more in the long list of magical towns. Its name means ”where Malinalxóchitl is worshipped”, a flower of Malinalli. The climate is warm and slightly humid throughout the year, especially from March to June. From July to October there is a succession of rains.

What to do in Malinalco?

  1. See the chapel of Santa Monica, one of the 8 chapels of the city.
  2. Visit the interior of the former Augustinian convent.
  3. Cycling in the middle of the mountains
  4. Visiting the city center
  5. Adventure activities in the Malikualli ecotourism complex.
  6. Learn about past milestones in galleries, museums and cultural centers.
  7. Visiting the Luis Mario Scheneider University Cultural Center
  8. Entering the Malinalcochitl House of Culture
  9. Go to the archaeological zone of Malinalco by climbing the hill of the idols.
  10. Approaching Cuauhtinchán
  11. Living the experience at the Ollinyotl Holistic Center
  12. Eating in typical restaurants
  13. To observe cave paintings and post engravings.
  14. Learning about the wood carvers of Malinalco

ascent Malinalco ruins

Las Truchas Malinalco

One of the great attractions of this magical town is Paraje de Las Truchas, a restaurant where you can eat this fish in different ways just as spectacular as the previous ones: fried, seasoned, au gratin…another of the great curiosities of the site is that there is a hatchery where you can catch the trout that will become your next meal.

While it is true that the trout is the greatest delicacy of the place, you can also try other spectacular dishes that will take your breath away. Among its most peculiar gastronomy you will find iguana broth or frog tamales.

If you want to get started with easy dishes of Mexican cuisine, try mole poblano, a delicious sauce that is currently one of the country’s most recognized distinctive dishes.

El centro de Malinalco

You can walk through its streets to see its peculiar attraction, admire its colorful houses and find real treasures. It is said that one of the most beautiful streets in this magical town is Morelos, full of antique shops, galleries and buildings of interest to learn about.

On weekends a Sunday market is held in the town square, where you will find authentic Mexican food, rich and tasty, made with love. You will also find all the religious buildings that you will have to enter to admire their interior and learn about their history.

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