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If you are passionate about sports, more specifically about wrestling and anything that even remotely resembles it, you will know Superluchas. This is a magazine that also has an online channel where information about combat sports worldwide is compiled.

Re-founded in 2022, Superluchas is one of the most important wrestling magazines in the world. Also available online since 2007, it has a presence in social networks and video platforms. What are you waiting for to find out more about MMA?

Brazo de plata

Wrestler José Luis Alvarado Nieves, better known as Brazo de Plata or Superporky, is a native of Mexico City and a professional wrestler. Sadly deceased at the age of 58, he was one of the country’s best known wrestlers.

He began his career in the sports world with his brothers, who were also nicknamed with names such as El brazo or El brazo de Oro, who called themselves the group Los Brazos. They came from a lineage of wrestlers, as their father also practiced the sport.


Another of the most characteristic figures in Mexico is Alushe, a small icon of Mexican wrestling. He was the mascot of wrestler Manuel Leal Peña, known by his nickname Tinieblas. Due to his dwarfism, he has not been able to dedicate himself entirely to wrestling, but he has been and continues to be a manager in the wrestling world.

He began his professional career in 1984 with his partner Tinieblas simply as a ”mascot”, something he didn’t care about in the least. Due to his great charisma and uniqueness, his fans made him a legend and he went on to also fight alongside his partner in the ring.

Pagan fighter

The Mexican wrestler, nicknamed Pagano, is characterized by his aesthetics and the way he fights. This is because in the ring he is extremely violent, even causing serious injuries to his opponents. His face is usually always made up and gives the impression that he is an angry or crazy clown.

He started in the world of wrestling in 2006 with a slightly different aesthetic than now, as he was masked and was not so violent. He gained popularity, going on to fight both nationally and internationally.

Rayo de Jalisco

We cannot fail to mention the wrestler Rayo de Jalisco, although his real name is Máximo Linares Moreno. Known for his unmistakable black mask with a silver lightning bolt, he was a great icon in Mexican wrestling.

Maximo’s nickname was not always Rayo de Jalisco, he was previously known as Aguila Negra and even Tony Curtis. He learned the art of fighting thanks to his brother Tony Sugar, a sport that was not bad for him, because as the years went by and the fights went by, the more fame he achieved. He passed away at the age of 85 in 2018.

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