There is no Mexico without folklore


Public transportation in Cancun

Meeting many worlds.

To travel to Mexico is to soak in the color of an ancient culture that has fused two worlds for 500 years, Traveling to Cancun is of course no different, in the hotel zone of this beautiful destination you can witness the many Mexicos that exist, the one of the majestic 5 star hotels, the one of the small quesadilla shops, the one of the handicrafts and the one of the Michelin starred restaurants. To travel to Mexico is to encounter a world of its own, an almost surreal world that combines past and present in a multicolored canvas that has a life of its own, that uses as brushes a marimba from Veracruz as well as the biggest and most modern discotheque in Latin America, that is why traveling to
Mexico is sensational, because you are not only visiting a beautiful landscape, you are visiting a country, in every sense of the word.


Cancun Route 1 truck

México es folclorMexico is folklore.

A corner that does not escape this folklore and from which tourists do not escape either, is the public transportation in Cancun, to travel the twenty-something kilometers of beaches in the hotel zone is definitely important to have a means of transportation and for many reasons the public transport trucks are almost always the best option, The price is around 1 dollar per ticket and (in most cases) they can transport you placidly between your hotel and the market or restaurant you are traveling to visit, without leaving aside the exuberant Mexican folklore that attracts so many tourists to this beautiful destination every year.


Mexican folklore

Few places are as wonderfully folkloric as a public transport system.
Mexican, there is a whole “Kitsch” aesthetic that designers and artists seek to replicate in works of art.
and work and that it is practically taken from the world of Mexican truck drivers, and obviously for those who visit our country this is an added attraction, as well as a good topic of conversation and souvenir for all of them.

Improving transportation.

In Cancun in particular, companies and the government have worked to try to improve local public transportation in different ways, with more modern units and a greater number of them trying to make the service effective and in line with our days. however the folklore of the Mexican always reaches modernity and where we can see a bus, with Wi-fi, television and air conditioning, we can also see the guy who gets on the bus to sing, the guy who found in the word of God a new way of living and gets on the bus to preach it, the guy who sells his records with music hits in Andean version, the families who went to the beach, the tourist who travels to WalMart to buy groceries, we are all characters of this colorful staging that although it may suffer at peak hoursTraveling is about learning, having new experiences and for many the stuffed animal that adorns the front of the truck along with the religious images and the cumbia music mean something absolutely different and worth the experience, so when you are staying at your favorite Oasis do not hesitate to get on a truck, it may not be the most luxurious of transports, but it will certainly be an experience you will not want to forget.


Scenes from a truck


The now typical “truck clown”.

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