Time change in Quintana Roo


For those of us who live in this beautiful city and the more than 17 million visitors who come to Quintana Roo annually, it is no secret that nightfall comes really fast to Cancun days, more than 1,600 kilometers separate this beautiful destination from Mexico City and more than 2,000 from cities like Guadalajara, which to this day use the same time zone as Cancun, 2,000 from cities like Guadalajara, which to this day use the same time zone as Cancun, evidently this causes that in this city of turquoise waters nightfall comes extremely early, which means fewer hours of sunshine and therefore fewer tourists enjoying the beautiful sun on the local beaches.

NUEVO-HORARIO-e1421199401411For this reason, different sectors of our city had been fighting for years for a change of time zone, which would place us in the time zone of cities like Miami, thus offering greater competitiveness with other Caribbean and Latin American destinations.  generating a much larger economic benefit for hoteliers and service providers for whom an extra hour of sunshine per day represents an enormous possibility and generating savings in the order of  The new system, which will generate 1.845 billion pesos annually in electricity, will benefit those of us who call Cancun home, as well as those who choose the most beautiful tourist destination in the country as their vacation spot.

The new schedule goes into effect at 2:00 a.m. this Sunday, February 1st, in which we will have to move our clocks forward one hour to have longer days and more sunshine, which translates into a more pleasant schedule for those of us who work and live here and in the aforementioned benefits for the tourism sector.

So now you know, if you live in or travel to Cancun starting this Sunday, February 1st, set your watch ahead one hour and get ready to enjoy long days of sun, turquoise blue waters and the most beautiful beaches in the world. We will be waiting for you as always, with open arms.

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