Traveling with children


Travel with your children, it is the experience of a lifetime.

Traveling with children.

When I think back to my childhood years, one image always prevails over the others: the twilight that precedes the dawn and announces the new day mixing with the icy blues that the night could not lift at the end of its shift and the arrival of the morning, the cold in the car as we headed to the airport, or the endless trip to the ocean with the family in the same car, the sleep that does not allow us to open our eyes completely, but the certainty that the day starts extraordinarily early to take us to the adventure. Traveling as a family is wonderful, especially when you are a child, a veil of optimism and carefree attitude permeates everything making it perfect and the memory remains forever engraved in the memory and in the hearts of families.

That’s why today we want to give you some tips that will help you turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience. family in that priceless memory for you and yours, we want to be part of your story, and we want you to be part of ours..

The ideal hotel.


Traveling with children, memories to last a lifetime

The first big decision in front of us, is and must be the lodging, it is important at this moment to take a moment and review different travel agencies to obtain the hotel we want at the price we can afford, so we can save and have some “extra” money. to hire a tour, a romantic dinner or some other activity in the city. that you can share quality time with your loved ones. Find a hotel with babysitting service, vacations are also for parents. and a moment of privacy can be beneficial for your relationship as a couple, even for your relationship with the little ones at home, happy people make happy parents and a candlelight dinner in front of the beautiful Caribbean Sea makes anyone happy. Don’t forget to ask if the hotel you are traveling to has a kids club or activities for children, Even when traveling as a family, children also seek their own adventures and it is important, on the one hand, to give them space, and on the other hand, to have the peace of mind that the facilities and staff know how to take care of entertaining the hotel’s youngest and most important guests.

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Don’t forget your toys.

Traveling with children

Traveling with children means traveling with toys

Once we know where we will be traveling to, it is time to arrange the “extras” for the trip, Arrange your airport-hotel transportation before you travel and avoid the hours on the plane, the heat or hunger becoming a problem. Do not forget to take absolutely everything you need, sometimes children can go through stages of attachment to certain toys or objects and it is advisable that we take them with us, we want to avoid that the little ones become sensitive and thus have a trip free of tantrums or long faces. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, children’s skin is several times more sensitive than an adult’s and it is important to take into account the sun protection factor.If we prevent the kids from getting burned after spending the day in the pool (and oh, we know they will), we will have more peaceful nights and they will be able to rest easy during the night to continue the adventure the next day. Don’t forget to bring beach toys either, Cancun’s white sand that doesn’t get hot, along with the calm and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean make for the perfect place to play with your children, build a castle, bury someone in the sand, you will see that over time, these will be memories that you will treasure as a family for the rest of your lives.

Playing is also a way to learn.


Traveling with children.

One more point to take into account during the vacations is the contact with nature, going out and discovering the jungle of Quintana Roo is fantastic, it brings children closer to the flora and fauna of our land, but also is a fantastic opportunity to teach children important lessons about preserving the environment and caring for the beautiful planet we live on, use biodegradable protector for the sea or a cenote, take garbage bags to the beach and you can show the little ones that you can enjoy the sea without the need to dirty it, do not forget to collect plastic containersWe will probably have to carry bottled water or other beverages to the sand and these are highly polluting. A visit to the beach is undoubtedly a moment of fun but it can also be an excellent time to get in touch with the beautiful nature that surrounds us in this stunning paradise.

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Every family and every child has different needs to meet, so perhaps the best recommendation is to take some time to plan your vacation and do not overlook any detail that may complicate your adventure on the beach, plan ahead, rely on your travel agency or your hotel company, in Oasis we are ready to assist you and you can always contact us through our social networks.

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