The unforgettable turquoise blue sea…

Cancun’s turquoise blue sea

Looking towards the sea is relaxing; it provides tranquility, an escape. You can lose yourself in the immenseness of it all as it merges with the sky on the horizon.

Furthermore, if it is the Caribbean Sea we are talking about, then looking out towards it becomes an unforgettable moment that enriches oneself.

However, if you, like me, have ever asked yourself; why is the Caribbean Sea so different from others? and why can I see so many tones of blue from my hotel room? Then here goes an explanation as to what makes the Caribbean Sea the most beautiful in the world.

Navigating the calm, clear waters provides tranquillity

The powerful and intense tones of blue in the Mexican Caribbean come from the cleanliness of the water and the amount of light that enters it. The molecules in the water absorb the light waves of the visible spectrum in a selective way. The light waves closer to red on the spectrum are absorbed quickly. These waves of light are able to travel many meters in the clear waters of the Caribbean, producing the striking blue tones that dominate our waters and draw millions of people towards them each year.

Another reason why the Caribbean has these distinctive shades of blue is the depth of the water. It is important to note that the great Mesoamerican barrier reef extends all the way along Cancun and the Riviera Maya down to Central American, which produces calm waters and different depths depending on weather and other factors. The deeper the water, the more dispersed the light frequency, and the deeper the shade of blue. The high sand areas and the reefs along our coast are, therefore, key aspects in what produces this natural phenomenon.

Microorganisms in the water are also an important factor in the color of the sea. The light is able to penetrate easier in areas of clear water with fewer microorganisms obstructing it. This helps create the blue tones characteristic of the Caribbean.

So next time you stay at Oasis and you are enjoying the warm turquoise blue sea, take a moment to appreciate that you are swimming in crystal clear waters that are, without doubt, the most beautiful in the world.

Fall in love with the turquoise blue sea


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