Visit Citlaltepetl in Veracruz

Summit of the Citlaltepec Volcano

Among the different natural creations that the Mexican country is home to, one of them is currently very characteristic: the Citaltepetl volcano. If you want to learn more about Cerro de la Estrella, you have found the right place.

Volcán Citlaltepetl

It is part of the Orizaba National Park located in the state of Veracruz, a perfect destination if you want to include it in your list of tours in Veracruz. It is currently the third largest peak in North America, and the first in Mexico. It is one of the few volcanoes that has frozen lava in its interior, which means that it is an inactive volcano. The last eruption was recorded in the 17th century.

The climate is tropical and humid with rainfall throughout the year with temperatures always above 20º. If you visit its surroundings you will find pines, cedars, huaesteca, among other types of flora. If you visit its surroundings you will find pines, cedars, huaesteca, among other types of flora.

Meaning of Citlaltepetl

It has other names, such as pico de Orizaba. The Mexicans in the past called this volcano Poyoautécatl, which means ”lord of the fog” or ”the one who lives among light clouds or fog”. Now its name is Citlaltépetl, which means Cerro de la Estrella.

There is a famous legend from the city of Orizaba about the birth of the volcano: it is about the warrior Nahuani and her faithful advisor and friend Orizaba, an osprey. After many fights, the fighter was defeated and her friend was lifted into the air and then dropped, saddened by what had happened.

At the site of the fall, a mountain was formed that ended up being a volcano in which Orizaba unleashed the fury she felt for the death of her friend in the form of eruptions. To put an end to their anger, the inhabitants of the territory climbed to the top to worship Nahuani.

Height of Citlalteptl

It has a height of 5,636 meters, making it one of the highest volcanoes in the world (and the first in Mexico). It has also become a very popular place for those who practice mountaineering, as it has many routes for beginners and experts.

Panoramic view of the Citlaltepec volcano

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