What is Pulque

Freshly squeezed pulque

Mexican cuisine is known throughout the world, although there are dishes and beverages that are still a mystery to many. If you love to prepare stews, discover new creations and want to be a real expert in front of your friends, serve them some pulque, you’ll love it!

Origins of pulque

This drink is one of the oldest known in Mexico. Since its existence it has been associated with the gods, a delicacy that they took assiduously and that they were kind enough to share with the inhabitants of the earth (there are even legends and paintings about its discovery).

It has also been linked to celebrities, rulers and warriors, a drink that has been widely consumed throughout history, especially in religious ceremonies and political events.

Although it is taken in many territories of the Mexican geography, we will highlight the state of Oaxaca, Puebla or the capital of Mexico. Despite its enormous popularity in the past, it lost steam in the 20th century after the Mexican Revolution. During this period there was not as much pulque production due to the rise of another of Mexico’s most internationally known beverages, tequila.

Maguey Pulque

Pulque is a drink of pre-Hispanic origin that has not been given all the prominence it deserves. Its main ingredient is the maguey, also known as agave. It is extracted directly from the heart of the plant, harvested by tlachiquero workers.

The drink, after resting for a few hours, ferments and becomes an alcoholic liquid, acquiring a rather particular consistency reminiscent of smothies or thick milkshakes with a characteristic whitish color.


If you are a person who takes care of yourself or does not like alcohol, mead will be your perfect drink. Its main ingredient is also the maguey, since it is the state prior to pulque.

This drink has been associated with great health benefits, such as being a great source of fiber and protein, as well as a great ally to maintain a correct intestinal flora. It is characterized by having a sweet taste, being very moisturizing and full of nutrients.

The main difference with respect to pulque is that it has to be drunk quickly, since after a few hours it ferments into an alcoholic beverage. It is even recommended to drink the liquid fresh at the place of collection. Besides being ingested as a liquid, it is also used in different recipes, such as desserts and stews.

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