With Sensuality Sens.


Grand Oasis Sens, the hotel of romance

What do you need to feel in love again? It is not about having forgotten the love for your partner, or the loss of libido or the touch to drive crazy that person with whom you have decided to spend your life. No, it is the routine, the responsibilities and worries, the time we dedicate to our projects, children, work or others, which little by little take us away in the romantic sense from our partner and from the love and sensuality we feel for her.

So, what do you need to live sensuality again? The answer is simple, all you need is a weekend at Grand Oasis Sens.

Always imitated, never equaled.


A room with a private pool, that’s Oasis Sens.

There are 30,000 hotel rooms in Cancun, but none like ours.Grand Oasis is the Oasis category that offers only the best, and in this hotel everything is absolutely Grand. To begin with, you will find an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation from the very first moment, because this hotel is only for people over 21 years old, and let’s be clear, we love families, we even have a 100% family hotel, but when it comes to Grand Oasis Sens, we only talk about sensuality and romance.

From the first moment you will love the hotel and your room, a private pool on your private terrace overlooking the sea is the perfect setting for all your worries to begin to fade away, are you celebrating an anniversary? No problem, just let us know when you make your reservation and surprise your partner upon arrival with fruit and sparkling wine waiting for them in bed.

Everything becomes  Sens


Enjoy the Caribbean

And then everything becomes sensual, everything becomes romantic and elegant. Enjoy a spectacular dinner with the most beautiful sunset over the lagoon and delight yourself with the dishes from Nikkei from Sakura restaurant. Dazzle your senses and get to know the real magic at our molecular food restaurant Benazuza, feel the pleasure and the freedom of the environment only adults and sunbathe in any of its pools, facing the sea or the lagoon, the top of the swimsuit is optional, so free yourself and get a beautiful tanned, nothing ignites the libido with a beautiful golden skin colored by the Caribbean.

The light here is dim and the rooms are comfortable and beautiful, hire a couple’s spa service,  and by then you will remember nothing but love and attraction for the most important person in your life. The beach in this part of the Cancun hotel zone does not detract in the least, Grand Oasis Sensis located on a hidden shore of the beach area (but very close to the airport), so it is always clean and clear. Enjoy sushi while admiring the beauty of the white sand and turquoise sea, and if the heat arrives, don’t worry, have an ice cream and just enjoy life while you enjoy your partner.

Better come and meet him.


Lobby Oasis Sens

Grand Oasis Sens is a hotel that I could go on talking about for hours, I could tell you about how your stay includes a night tour on a pirate ship ( A true Spanish Galleon) or how their animation and activities team makes your days there so much fun, I could tell you about the beauty of their lobby on any given day in the afternoon, when the sun begins to fall and illuminates the space in an amazing way, or how just by turning your face you can have in a single glance, the sun falling into the lagoon, but still illuminating the ocean at the same time. other end. I could tell you this and a thousand other things, I could tell you about the friendliness of the staff and how having a drink listening to the piano music in the lobby bar is fabulous, but of course, the best way to see all this is simply to book and come and enjoy your stay, because there are 30 thousand rooms in Cancun, but ours are going to make you remember love.



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