15 recommendations for the perfect trip

Spring and summer travel are just around the corner. Read our recommendations for your next visit to Oasis and enjoy the adventure of coming to the Caribbean from start to finish.


  1. Because there are flights to flights.


On your next trip, choose the best flight


There are more and more options to fly to Cancun. With new connections and more companies traveling to Mexico’s most beautiful tourist destination, the options are many and for all budgets. Analyze your priorities, compare prices and, above all, take advantage of discounts and schedules to buy at the best price. Compare prices when traveling during the week and at different times, you will see that you can take advantage of planning your flight well.

  1. Low season.


The advantages of low season travel

Hotel occupancy in Cancun and the Riviera Maya is so high that we can hardly speak of a “low season” in the area. However, it is true that there are periods during the year when the influx is lower and the prices of many tours, activities and flights are cheaper. Plan your vacations for the parts of the year where there is no established holiday break (Christmas, New Year, spring break, Easter) and you may be in for a surprise. In addition, the beach is less crowded and in some seasons like September or October the weather is pleasant. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit us next   “Low Season”.

  1. Riviera Maya or Cancun?


    Take the time to choose the perfect destination for your next trip.

We have a hotel for everyone, so before you decide enter our website or to the social media profiles of each of our hotels and choose the right one for you. Family, adults only, leisure, business travel, urban. No matter what your reason for coming to the Mexican Caribbean, we have the ideal hotel waiting for you.

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  1. Transportation


Your trip ends once you are at the hotel, book your transportation in advance.

Before boarding the plane, remember that your trip does not end at the Cancun airport. You still need to think about your journey between the airport and your hotel. Book calmly your transportation and save a lot of time, money and bad moments.

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  1. The right clothes for the perfect trip.


taste the food of our land.

The Mexican Caribbean, like its people, is warm and cheerful. The Mexican Caribbean, like its people, is warm and cheerful, but perhaps the place with the mildest climate, especially for those traveling in winter. El Caribe mexicano, al igual que sus gentes, es cálido y alegre, pero quizá sea el lugar con el clima más suave, sobre todo para los que viajan en invierno. It is common to see those who left home in big sweaters getting hot and bothered, or to see someone boarding the plane to return home in beach clothes and end up shivering from the cold upon their return. Select the ideal clothing and make your trip perfect from start to finish.

  1. In-flight entertainment.

Depending on where you visit us, your trip may be a long one. Make sure you have your mobile devices fully charged when boarding the plane and download games, video movies or any other form of entertainment that can make your trip more comfortable, if you are traveling with children, this advice should be doubly important.

  1. Try the Local.


Be sure to get out and learn more about the culture, gastronomy and geography of Quintana Roo. This is a land with a lot of history and its cultural expressions are everywhere, visit ruinas mayas, buy a souvenir at the local market & taste the food of our land. You can be sure that this is an experience that will completely change your trip.

  1. Just rest.


    Resting, the perfect activity for your trip.

At first glance it may sound redundant, but resting is one of the best tips we can give you. Many times the fun and excitement of getting to know a new place can lead us to overload our agenda with activities, dinners and entertainment. Book a spa afternoon, relax, sunbathe on the beach with a drink, sleep late and return home recharged and feeling like new. Undoubtedly a tip you should follow on your next trip.

  1. Visit a park.


The Riviera Maya and Cancun are full of theme parks that you can book. Tirolesas, ríos subterráneos, parques de aventura, cenotes. The best parks are in this beautiful destination and you can’t leave without visiting one of them. Come to our friends at Caribe Maya and book now the best adventures in the Caribbean.

  1. Make your trip a unique experience.


On your next visit, be sure to do something you’ve never done before. It does not necessarily have to be an adventure. You can try something you’ve never done before like getting a spa treatment, meeting people who speak another language, doing a different activity that will take you out of the monotony. No matter what you choose, but doing something new will forever remind you of that special trip to the Mexican Caribbean.

  1. Take some medicine with you.


Better safe than sorry.

Of course one does not plan to get sick or feel ill during a vacation.However, it is entirely possible that the sun, indigestion, toothache, heartburn or tiredness from some activity may require some basic medicine to rest better and feel good. This is even more important if you are traveling with children. Make sure you have remedies for these inconveniences and avoid an uncomfortable moment on your next visit.

  1. Disconnect from what you left behind.

Goodbye work, hello vacation.

Vacations are a time just for you and the people you are traveling with. Leave work, problems and worries behind. When you return home you will have a new way of looking at and attending to your responsibilities, but it is important that you do not take them with you to the beach. Worries have no reservation in our hotels.

  1. Use public transportation.


Public transportation is generally an excellent option for getting around both Cancun’s hotel zone and the beautiful Riviera Maya. Avoid the peak hours when hotel staff are traveling to their jobs and save money that you can use for other activities and souvenirs. You will also get to know a little more about the beautiful Mexican folklore.

  1. Take into account the Check in.

Check in time at all hotels in Mexico is at 15:00 hrs. This is due to the need to serve guests correctly, allowing time for returning guests and the housekeeping service to be sure that your room will be perfect when you enter it. Take this detail into account when booking your flights. No matter what time you arrive you can make use of restaurants, pools and the beautiful beach from the moment you check in, however it is important to keep in mind that your room can be ready until lunchtime to avoid confusion or bad moments.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids and be careful with the sun.

Cancun is not only hot on its party nights. Temperature and humidity in the Mexican Caribbean should be taken very seriously. Be sure to drink fluids during the day and don’t forget to use sunscreen with a good protection factor. If you are traveling with children the recommendation is twofold and for those who are asking, yes, beer will help you stay hydrated, but don’t forget tip number 11 or you could get a bad hangover.

These are our 15 recommendations to make your trip perfect, we hope they help you and we want to see you very soon in Oasis, if you have any questions or doubts please contact us on our Facebook profiles and we will be glad to help you.




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