45 for Cancun and the Cancunenses-Oasis Hotels & Resorts

The pride of the people of Cancun

The foundation of our beautiful touristcenter was stipulated in the Official Gazette of the Federation. through a decree on August 10, 1971, however,  was a year earlier, the April 20, 1970  when the Asociación de Pioneros de Cancúnbegan construction work, This date is marked in the calendar as the foundation of the city.

45 years.

Así, y desde hace 45 años, cada 20 de abril quienes formamos parte de esta hermosa ciudad, celebramos un cumpleaños más de la tierra que nos acogió, nos vio nacer o nos propuso con su eterna seducción, una aventura digna de perseguir. Y los que celebramos todos,
we try to give you  to this land that we feel as our identity day by day, the smile and the open arms of a person proud to show his land to visitors, the many dialects and languages that can be found in its streets, the great companies and entrepreneurs who risk and innovate, the cultural efforts of those who wish to see Cancun grow, are all expressions of a very young city, from a young state, but from a country rich in history and traditions, which seeks to give  this placean identity that combines with the exuberant beauty of the jungle that welcomes it.

A little bit about us.

We are all different, but all Cancunenses

And so, too, Cancun takes a little of us and we take a little of it.In this way, visitors get to know the natural beauties of our state and along the way make friendships, sometimes fleeting, sometimes not so fleeting, with others who also visit, but who come from far away, thus, Cancunenses learn to speak other languages, many times with a strong accent that reminds us that perhaps, this is not our first love, but it is the true one, because it is the one of the city where we live, because it is the land where we are, because it is the place we chose.

Cancun for Cancunenses.

The first bridge by and for Cancunenses, the calinda bridge

That is why this week at Oasis we are not only celebrating the most beautiful city in the Caribbean, this week we are also celebrating the most beautiful city in the Caribbean, the spirit of Cancun and its people, those who have not been defeated by adversity and that those who got up after Hurricane Wilma, those who work in the wee hours of the morning to make sure that those who visit us have everything, even when they are asleep, those who came here with a dream and maybe a suitcase and today have a job, a family, a house and a life, today we celebrate them all, to those who were born here and to the founding Pioneers, to the foreigners and to those of Mayan descent, to all of us who strive, day or night, to show the world that we have a place to live, a place to work, a place to live and a place to live. Cancun’s true attraction is in the hearts of those of us who call ourselves Cancunenses today, and we know that there are challenges, we know that Mexico is a country that fights to eradicate the contrasts among its people, but without a doubt here, from the most remote and beautiful corner of our country, we raise our hands and say we are ready, because we have a heart so big and so beautiful, that every year millions come to visit him.

Happy birthday Cancun, 45 is a few, but together, we have made it a lot.


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