5 tips to make your summer vacation perfect


Summer vacations


Summer vacation is just around the corner, soon the kids will leave school, the weather will be perfect to enjoy the beach and in Oasis we will prepare to receive with pleasure, all the travelers who wish to spend an unforgettable time in these paradisiacal lands that will make their holidays unforgettable.  were one day Mayan territory.

If you are thinking of spending your summer vacation in Cancun, here are five tips you should take into account before leaving home.

All in good time

summer vacation

Plan your summer vacations ahead of time and enjoy them more


Usually summer vacations are the ones we look forward to the most, however, they are not always the ones we plan the best, even though the kids are on vacation, adults still have homework to do at work and that can distract us from the details of our trip. Plan your trip well in advance, choose the ideal Oasis for you and prepare everything you need, don’t do last minute shopping because you are sure to forget something, make a list of everything you might need, suntan lotion, sunscreen, sunglasses, and an emergency kit, believe me when your child starts to feel dizzy from the trip, you will be thankful to have motion sickness medicine at your fingertips.


Think about your transportation.

summer vacation

Transportation can make or break your summer vacation.


You made your list, traveled with your family to Cancun and when you arrive at the airport you realize that the Cancun airport is far from the city and that you are not able to get to Cancun. the cab drivers who work there plan to make a killing off of careless tourists like you. Don’t let it happen! Go to a transportation company and book now your transportation from the hotel to the airport and vice versa, you will avoid overspending, making trouble and above all ruining the first moments of your summer vacations.

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Forget about work and your cell phone, you’re on summer vacation.

summer vacation

Forget the cell phone, you’re on vacation.

Modern life is certainly frenetic. We wake up early and from the very moment we open our eyes we must be alert and motivated for all the tasks in which we have responsibilities, and although sometimes it is heavy most of the time it brings us enormous satisfaction and happiness. However, we must keep in mind that there is a time for everything, and summer vacation is a time to enjoy with your partner or family, leave behind the iPad, the phone and social networks and dedicate yourself only to enjoy this paradise. The world is not going to fall apart because you are not available for a few days, and your children and partner will really appreciate that you have time for them, remember that vacations are not only a time for fun, but also great memories that one day you will treasure as one of the best moments in life. Work may be important, but during these summer days, there will be nothing more important than you and those you love so much.

Plan your return as well.


In the past, when I went on vacation I always planned my return on the last possible plane, I wanted to have a late check out, so I could enjoy every second of my summer vacation. How wrong I was, thinking about enjoying more of my time at the beach I was trying to arrange everything to return home as late as possible, but what I didn’t take into account were the little incidents that can delay your arrival  and turn your return home  into a viacrusis. As we said in the previous point, vacations are for resting, don’t come home tired, plan your departure to return home as early as possible, so that when you get home,  you will have enough time to arrange everything for the coming work day.Make the most of your vacation and your work by following this small but important tip.


Open your mind.

summer vacation

summer vacation


Traveling is not only about resting and strengthening ties with your loved ones. It is also about new experiences that enrich our life in general. Open your mind to new flavors, colors and textures, try the traditional cuisine and taste those drinks you would have never ordered at home, after all summer vacations are an opportunity to live beyond our comfort zone, dare, the worst that can happen is that you have an interesting story to tell about the time you tasted exotic delicacies in a fun vacation at the beach.


These are five tips we have for you, but we would like you to share with us those travel rituals you have to make the most of your summer vacation.






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