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En Oasis We are celebrating the arrival of the new holiday season, we love this time of the year, because in addition to receiving tourists from all over the world, we enjoy the magnificent weather that the Caribbean has during this season. We also celebrate Christmas, and even welcome the New Year surrounded by the guests we love so much.

But undoubtedly, and as the winter vacations approach, doubts arise about our hotels, their services and the destination itself, because although some repeat, Many guests come to Cancun for the first time and want to be as well prepared as possible before they arrive, so they can enjoy their vacation to the fullest, without worrying about anything except having a good time.

And that is why today, we bring the answers to seven of the most common questions that our travelers ask, please if you have any other questions please send us a comment and we will be happy to guide you.

Without further ado, here are our answers.

1. What will the weather be like on my vacation days?


Weather is one of the most common questions.

Although weather definitely becomes more unpredictable when we try to predict it (we’ve all seen the TV weatherman or Google get it wrong), in Cancun, being so close to the tropics, we can appreciate a great constant in our climate: sun and heat. You could say that we basically have only two seasons in the year, Very hot, and hot with a little rain. So don’t worry too much about the weather, no matter when you come, sun and white sand will always be waiting for you here.

2. What should I bring?


Do not forget to bring all documents.

Of course the first thing we have to take care of is all our documents, make sure you transport them safely, ID, passport, License (you may need it to rent a car) are a must on your trip, don’t forget tickets and any paperwork given to you by your travel agency, remember that prepared traveler is worth two.

3. What is included in the “All Inclusive” package?


It may seem like an obvious question, but sometimes it’s not, so don’t be left in doubt.

At Oasis we want you to enjoy your vacations without worrying aboutThat is why we offer the T.I. plan so that our guests can forget the stress of decisions for a few days and simply raise their hands to order from the waiter, however, you must remember that we have different categories because while some enjoy the adventure and going out to see the Mayan lands, there are others who enjoy more rest and the luxury of a private pool, or having access to all the hotel’s restaurants. What you can be sure of is that the best of Oasis is for all our guests, world-class entertainment, entertainers that make vacations memorable, pristine pools, the beautiful color of the sea and the personalized attention we pride ourselves in offering. If you want to know in detail what your type of reservation includes in the hotel you have chosen, follow us on social networks and it will be a pleasure to assist you.

4. Do you have babysitting services?


one of the questions of most interest to parents

Of course! at Oasis we want everyone to rest, and although we know the pleasure it is to spend the vacations with the children, we also know that adults need some time and space to rest, remember the love and at the same time be more relaxed with the other members of the family, take a few hours, hire a SPA service, go out for a while at night, discover how beautiful the lights of Cancun are, we assure you that it will be the best vacation of your life.

5. What kind of food does the hotel have?


Delicious is our type of food

One of the areas in which Oasis is a leader in the Mexican Caribbean is the gastronomic offer, more than 50 restaurants among our different hotels offer guests a range of flavors, smells and colors that hardly any other company can offer. The TripAdvisor ranking shows that Oasis maintains 3 of the top 10 restaurants in the destination according to this social network. In addition, each of our hotels has a unique concept, see the program. “Runaway”and take advantage of each one of them, eat more and eat better, after all, Oasis is the only one that with your reservation gives you access to up to six different hotels, so loosen your belt, that this vacation gastronomy is your companion in your life. travel.

Does my reservation include transportation?


Don’t forget to ask questions about transportation.

Oasis Hotels & Resorts Cancun properties are really close to the airport, just a few minutes to Grand Oasis Sens or Grand Oasis Cancun, but be aware that if you want to include your transportation from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, you will need to contact a transportation agency such as Caribe Maya Travel, plan ahead and book before you travel to avoid surprises.

7. Does my reservation include a Smart car?


practical and fun.

Of course! At Oasis we are proud of the land where our hotels are located, we believe the Caribbean is fantastic, and we want you to go out and discover it, travel to Tulum and discover the reef, go shopping in Playa del Carmen, the only thing you have to do is pay the insurance for your Smart Car and off you go, off you go on an adventure.

These are just some of the questions we receive daily from our guests and clients, if you have any other, please do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook so we can assist you as you deserve.

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