Benazuza, to test your senses.

Rarely does a dinner transcend into something more than just enjoying the food and become a true culinary experience, as is the case at Benazuza as eating is not the only thing to experience during your time here, there is also much to see, feel and hear.

From the moment it all begins, until it ends, the air is filled with a mystery so exciting that it is inevitable not to remain in awe of the world that is created before your senses and that increases the fantasy as time goes by.

It all starts at the bar where drinks like you’ve never seen (or tasted) before are presented for your complete delight, making a fun guessing game of flavors, textures and presentations.

The concept with which Benazuza presents itself to its diners is completely unique. Not only for the originality of the dishes and the delight of tasting them, but also for the personalized service so characteristic of Oasis Hotels & Resorts.

It is worth noting that regardless of whether you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, the team will pair the menu to create a memorable explosion of flavors and textures.  that will leave you with an impeccable taste in your mouth as each dish keeps your senses in a challenge of exploration while transporting you to heaven with the delicacies through the combination of temperatures and ingredients. But eating is not the only thing to experience during your time here, there are also many emotions that you will experience with all your senses as well as observe the peculiar and colorful presentations that will surely dazzle you.

It is not only a culinary, sensory experience; it is an out-of-this-world experience. An experience that at times makes you doubt being awake, because when you are immersed in this dreamlike world with downloads of delicious fantasy, everything seems unreal in the dim light that does not cease to amaze for a second.

Without a doubt, living the Benazuza experience is something you must experience in Cancun and on your   bucket list to make your visit complete.



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