Benito Juárez

Benito Juárez Commemorative Statue

Discover the origins of one of the most beloved presidents in all of Mexico, today a national hero who continues to be respected.

Birthday of Benito Juárez

One of Mexico’s best known former presidents was born on March 21, 1806 in the state of Oaxaca. This year 2022 marks the 213th anniversary of his birth.

For those who do not know, his full name was Benito Pablo Juárez García and he is popularly known as Benemérito de las Américas thanks to his great contribution against the French invasion. Benito Juárez died in 1872, at the age of 66, from angina pectoris.

Biography of Benito Juarez

Born in San Pablo Gueletao into a Zapotec farming family, Benito’s childhood was unstable and filled with economic problems. That precarious situation led him to be a self-taught student in his youth.

His parents died in the early years of Benito’s life, so he and his siblings were left under the guardianship of their grandparents, who also died shortly thereafter.

It was not until he arrived in the capital of Oaxaca at the age of thirteen that he was able to study in a more leisurely manner and under the tutelage of qualified teachers, leaving behind his work in the fields. Until that age, Benito was not fluent in Spanish due to his indigenous origins.

During his studies at the seminary of Santa Cruz, he learned different subjects about philosophy, Latin, and later, at the Institute of Sciences and Arts, he became a lawyer in 1834. At this time he began his political career, in which he held several important positions, in addition to executing major projects for the community.

One of his greatest achievements before becoming president was to become minister and governor of Oaxaca, in addition to enacting laws such as the civil marriage law. Throughout his life he was exiled in various places throughout the American continent, such as Panama, Havana and New Orleans.

He became president in 1857 and was reelected several times until 1872. He spent no less than 14 years in the presidency, even winning the year of his death, despite his doctor’s contraindications to rest due to his physical condition.

History of Benito Juarez

In addition to becoming president of the country, he studied law and embarked on a long journey in politics that brought great change to the history of Mexico.

His work against the French invasion, his great role during the declaration of Mexican independence, as well as all his political achievements, contributed to the fact that today he is still remembered throughout the country.

His work is currently commemorated every July 18 (the day of his death). His figure has also been extolled by building monuments in his honor or being part of Mexican culture with his portrait stamped on Mexican 20 peso bills.

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