Cancun, extraordinary summer 2014


The best summer in Cancun

This year’s incredible summer vacation season came to an end with excellent results for our destination. Preliminarily, hoteliers report an economic revenue of approximately 461 million dollars, from July 14 to August 17, 2014.

With an occupancy rate of up to 98 percent in its main tourist sites, Quintana Roo is at the forefront of Mexico’s destinations, reporting up to 100 percent occupancy in some of the 14 days corresponding to July, mainly on weekends during the same month.


After several seasons where different economic phenomena worldwide affected tourism, our city had not reported high rates of occupancy and economic revenue, however this 2014, Cancun has finally recovered and is poised to remain positioned as one of the most important destinations in the world and the number one in the country, by the way, the Governor of the State Roberto Borge, said:

«The results of the holiday season confirm that betting on the promotion and expansion of air connectivity was a good decision. We will continue this work by participating in various tourism fairs during the rest of the year.



Cancun summer 2014

 Oasis Hotels & Resorts, on the other hand, continues to be one of the leaders in terms of occupancy and importance are referred to within the destination, reporting occupancy data above   90 percent during the months of July and August, Oasis consolidates once again as a key element in the economic, social, touristic and social development of the country. of the Mexican Caribbean.

The challenges to be overcome for Cancun will continue for years to come, however, wise political decisions, business vision and above all the effort and pride of the people who work every day in this city, project the future of the city. Mexico’s most beautiful tourist center, an encouraging future that drives us and makes us move forward.


Leading Oasis in Cancun

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