Cancun on a tight budget



Traveling on a shoestring doesn’t have to be any less fun.

As a world-famous tourist destination, Cancun is often perceived as a place reserved for the kind of vacation where you go all out. And while you can definitely stay in luxury in Cancun, let’s say for example atn an adults-only hotel with a private pool in your room ,there are also excellent options for those who intend to travel to Cancun on a budget.  during your days of stay. Remember that in the end the hoteles Oasisprovide world-class entertainment every day so that if you wish, you can stay at the hotel and simply enjoy life. But if you are looking for activities outside of Cancun and want to spend little, then   you should follow these you should follow these recommendations for traveling to Cancun on a budget.


  1. The beach is free.


The beach is the perfect fun for traveling to Cancun on a budget.


One of the wonders of Mexico is that its beaches are public, and obviously in Cancun we have the best beaches in the whole country. If your trip to Cancun includes a limited budget, don’t worry, go out to visit the different beaches of our beautiful destination and you will spend extraordinary days. Public transportation is accessible and efficient in the beach area, just avoid the rush hours when workers enter and leave the hotels and your experience will be perfect.


  1. Non-motorized aquatic activities.


You don’t have to go far to have fun in Cancun on a budget.


During your stay at Oasis, some non-motorized water sports such as catamarans, pedal boats, kayaks, windsurfs and others are available with your reservation. Take advantage of each one of them and spend your days without making an extra expense, you will see that it will be an unforgettable vacation and that it is possible to travel to Cancun on a limited budget.


  1. Las Palapas Park.

Cancun on a tight budget.

The place of tradition in Cancun


Of course, when traveling to the Mexican Caribbean, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a trip to the Caribbean is are its fabulous beaches, its party nights and the beautiful sun that bathes the coastline, however a trip is fun when we also get to know the customs, places and folklore in general of the land we are visiting. In this sense, the parque de las Palapasis a place that offers all this and more. Try the famous esquites and the incomparable marquesitas that are sold in this place, here you will find the true flavor of the Mexican southeast and you can also buy a souvenir to remember the magical moment once you return home.


  1. Archaeological sites.

Archaeological Corridor II

Dzibanché, part of the archaeological corridor II


Dozens of historical sites await you in the Yucatan Peninsula, from the best known such as Chichen Itza and Tulum to some lesser-known ones such Kohunlich, Dzibanché and Kinichná, the entire state is located in surrounded by spectacular vestiges of the Mayan culture that in turn are hidden in wonderful natural sites. There are even archaeological sites in the same hotel zone of Cancun, where we can find the site known as “El Rey” which can be visited without any problem during your stay. If you are Mexican, access is absolutely free on Sundays, so savings are guaranteed.


  1. Discover the beaches and cenotes of the Riviera.


Cenotes, fresh and crystalline water, emblem of the Peninsula


Along the road that connects Cancun and Chetumal you can find hundreds of beautiful places to stop and admire nature, swim a little and have an incredible time. If you are traveling with several people it is best to rent a car and visit the different cenotes and beaches that are in this area, some are public and in others you will have to pay for access but we assure you that all will be experiences that you will treasure forever.


  1. A bike ride to admire the scenery.


Admire the scenery and enjoy the Caribbean


In Cancun there are several bike rental services, and along the hotel zone runs a small bike path that will allow you to admire the architecture, the beautiful climate and of course the unparalleled views of both the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte lagoon system. Breathe fresh air and share a wonderful day with your family, partner or friends.

On board your bicycle you will find convenience stores and small restaurants. donde comer y beber será muy barato, in the end you will have a great experience and the expense will be minimal, an excellent option for traveling.  to Cancun on a limited budget.


  1. A night of baseball to get to know the city.

Tigres de Quintana Roo ( photo Fernando Nuñez ) 9981610295

Beto Avila Stadium, the perfect option for a trip to Cancun on a budget   limited


The so-called king of sports is the main sport in our entity. Here the Tigres de Quintana Roo are the most beloved team and for the locals to attend a game is already a tradition in this young city. Go to the stadium and enjoy the game, the atmosphere and to know something different in Cancun, if you spent the day at the beach without spending a lot of money then this is a perfect activity for the evening, so you will have a day of pure fun without having hit your pocket or your savings.


Always something to do.

These are just 7 recommendations for a trip to Cancun with a limited budget, but of course there are many options for those who visit us, museums, cafes, plazas and many activities await you both in the beach area and in the city. Come to Cancun and discover that the best vacation of your life can be on a budget.

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