Cancun, Perfect for romance

Cancun is a popular paradise destination, full of impressive nightclubs, shows, concerts, parties and the most famous spring break on the planet. But it is also an ideal destination for romance, perfect for an anniversary, a wedding night, honeymoon or simply to be enjoyed as a couple, especially if you stay in the paradisiacal 5-star hotels in Cancun. No matter what your reason for traveling to Cancun is, at Oasis, we have the perfect vacation ready for you.

Let the Romance begin.

To begin with, we must go to the beginning. Choosing the right hotel for your romantic getaway is perhaps one of the most important points. You probably want an adults-only hotel, or maybe you prefer to escape from the hustle and bustle and take refuge in the paradisiacal beaches of the Riviera Maya, where you’ll find good treatment and comfort are well-kept treasures, or maybe the plan includes party nights and shows, but no matter what kind of vacation you have decided to have, in Oasis we have the ideal hotel.

Grand Oasis Sens


Adults only, perfect for romance.

Grand Oasis Sens is the adults only hotel of our chain. Located in the most exclusive and quietest area of Cancun’s hotel zone, this hotel is a perfect place to spend quiet afternoons sunbathing in one of its two wonderful pools. Remember that you are only among adults, so your swimsuit top is optional. Delight yourself in luxury in one of our rooms with private pool and ocean view, and during the night discover an unprecedented culinary experience in one of its luxurious restaurants, we assure you that living a vacation in this hotel will change your way of seeing romance and you will return home, even more in love.

Grand Oasis Tulum


Escape the world and live the romance.

If your idea of a vacation includes disappearing from the world to focus only on your partner, then Grand Oasis Tulum is the perfect hotel. Located in the Riviera Maya between the lagoon of Akumal and the town of Tulum, Grand Oasis Sens is a hotel for rest and romance, to forget the hustle and bustle of the city, to think of nothing and no one but the most important person and dedicate a few days to cultivate love. Include a Spa package and discover a new meaning to the word tranquility. A dinner in Careyes with rose petals and a fantastic menu await you, enjoy the sea and the views, after the first time, Grand Oasis Tulum will be your place for romantic getaways.

Pyramid Grand Oasis


The fun is also romantic.

Of course love comes in all shapes and ages, for some people getting away from it all may be too peaceful. For them, Grand Oasis Cancun is undoubtedly the right choice. This is a hotel that hardly needs an introduction. Home of great music festivals such as Oasis Dance U, or the Jazz Festival, Grand Oasis Cancun is undoubtedly the master of fun in Mexico’s number 1 tourist destination. Excitement and fun are a constant here, but don’t be fooled, the hotel with the largest pool in town offers impressive restaurants, romantic dinners on the beach and everything you need for those fun loving couples to have the vacation they desire, if you are a fun couple, this is definitely your hotel for romance.

Oh! By Oasis


a hotel for adventure and romance.

Just as some people enjoy fun and entertainment as a couple, there are also, and increasingly more, couples for whom fun means going out and exploring, but without leaving aside the comfort and luxury of a good hotel.

If this definition sounds good to you, we have a hotel you’re going to love, Oh! By Oasis is the urban version of the hotels of our chain, comfort in the rooms, adult entertainment with a sexy touch, fine dining and a dreamy pool area and jacuzzis await you in this beautiful boutique hotel. Rent a Smart car and go out to discover the secrets of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, return to the hotel and enjoy a room up to your expectations. If adventure is for you, this downtown hotel is definitely for you.

As you can see, Cancun is the ideal destination for romance, if you still don’t know which one is yours or you need to know more before embarking on a romantic adventure, don’t worry, contact us through social networks and it will be a great pleasure to help you find the hotel you want and deserve, and if you want a tip, ask our managers how to visit other hotels in the chain using the Oasis Runaway program.

Happy love day, always remember that Oasis Loves U.

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