Cenotes in Yucatan

Cenote depths yucatan

Visiting the different cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula are undoubtedly one of the best excursions you will do during your vacation.

The Zaci Cenote

We bring you information about the cenote Zací, what you need to know. It is an open type, one of the largest in the Yucatan Peninsula. Its name refers to the ancient Mayan city previously known as Valladolid.

When you enter you will be able to appreciate its waters, but what will call your attention the most are the stalactites and stalagmites that make a wonderful contrast with the vegetation. It is accessed through a grotto or tunnel, and after entering a little further, you will go down some stone stairs.

To get to the cenote you will have to travel to Valladolid and head to the town of Santa Ana. Once there, you will have to get to the Parador Turístico to buy the entrance ticket.

We tell you the gruesome legend that revolves around Zací: the sons of two feuding families ended up in love, but to avoid it at all costs, the man was forced to marry another girl from a neighboring village.

The woman, broken by the pain of this event, decided to end her life by throwing herself into the cenote. The man wanted to return to his hometown to look for his beloved, but when he learned of the sad event, he also decided to end his life in the same cenote.

Cenote Calavera

This cenote is located in Tulum, just 4 kilometers from the archaeological site. Its curious name is due to the fact that its openings are bathed by sunlight and create a curious effect that resembles two eyes with mouths.

To access there is a ladder, but you can also take a leap and dive right into it. Snorkeling equipment and life jackets are available on site for hours of diving. If you are a professional diver and have a license, dive in the cenote calavera, you will love it!

Another curiosity you should know about this place is that it was an ancient Mayan cemetery. In ancient times, the inhabitants of the territory believed that the cenotes were gateways to the afterlife, sacred places where they could rest for eternity. Because of these beliefs, human bodies more than 1,500 years old were discovered.

Dos Ojos Cenote

Visit cenote in Yucatan

Discover the Dos Ojos cenote, considered one of the 10 largest subway cave systems in the world with approximately 60 kilometers. Take advantage of your visit to the Natural Park to visit more cenotes besides this one, such as the Jaguar Cenote or the Nicte Ha Cenote. Activities other than snorkeling, such as hiking or professional diving, are also recommended.

The Ik Kil cenote

Meet the touristic cenote Ik Kil with the best professionals in the area, who will help you descend its more than 90 steps and will tell you all the curiosities that surround it. Like many cenotes scattered throughout Mexico, this was the epicenter of ceremonies and religious sacrifices performed by the ancient Maya.

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