Coffee & Me, a coffee lover’s dream

For many people their day only truly begins after a morning coffee; waking up to that rich, enveloping aroma puts one in a good mood, ready to start the day the right way.   

That pleasure doesn’t have to stop when on vacation, quite the opposite, in all Oasis hotels and resorts you’ll find Coffee & Me, our coffee shop where each drink is made with a lot of love and its Caribbean Sea blue decoration relaxes you immediately. 

There’s a wide range of coffees to choose from such as Tiramisu, Irish Cappuccino and Caramel Coco; a combination of caramel and coconut syrups with milky coffee. All can be taken hot or cold as many prefer to do as antidote to the Caribbean heat. Apart from delicious coffees, you’ll also find a variety of teas, soft drinks, pastries and sandwiches, ideal to grab if you’re setting off on an early morning tour.

The selection of freshly baked pastries include cinnamon rolls, chocolate muffins and my personal favourite black and white chocolate doughnuts, a perfect accompaniment to your coffee of choice. There are also ciabattas with fillings like chicken and pesto, or bacon, lettuce and tomato as well as serrano ham and provolone cheese baguettes, all made by our chefs daily and like the drinks, can be had hot or cold.

Whether you decide to have your order sitting in one of its comfy chairs, on the beach or by the pool, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience immensely. So next time you stay with us, make sure to pay a visit to Coffee & Me!

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