Do you know Chemuyil?


You cannot miss the opportunity to get to know the fantastic hidden corners of the village of Chemuyil.

Chemuyil beach

This beach is located in the village of Chan Chemuyil, which has been gaining its fame thanks to foreigners who decide to spend long periods of time to relax and enjoy the charm of the Caribbean.

Although it is gaining more and more followers, it tries to remain a beach with little traffic, since the inhabitants of the town and the true lovers of it, try not to end up as an overcrowded destination like so many others in Mexico.

The cenotes of Chamuil

  • Xunaan-Há

As it could not be otherwise, the great attractions that you will discover in the town are the cenotes. They may not be the best known of the Riviera Maya, but their beauty is sure to conquer your eyes.

First you have the largest in the area, the open cenote known as Xunaan-Há. It has different services so that you can live the best possible experience, such as swimming pools and baths. There are more cenotes, but we encourage you to discover them during your visit (some of them don’t even have names).

Bejil Ha

It is an ecotourism project that means ”water path”. It is run by a cooperative society formed by young people from the Chamuyil village. They want to showcase the most outstanding attractions of their home, such as cenotes or caves, in the most sustainable and natural way possible.

Thanks to Bejil Ha you will be able to do 3 different routes: the water path, alternative route and the ancestral waters. The first one is an excursion designed for beginners in visiting cenotes; the alternative route has more charm, as it is another way to see natural landscapes; finally, those who want to enjoy an unparalleled experience, should opt for the ancestral waters tour.

More cenotes in Riviera Maya

panoramic turtle house cenote

For those who don’t know yet, the entire Yucatan Peninsula is made up of wonderful cenotes to discover. The favorite activity for both tourists and Mexican citizens is undoubtedly swimming and snorkeling in its waters, in addition to spending a great day in a natural setting.

Visit the Suytun cenote for an even more exciting experience inside a cave-like cenote. On the other hand, if you prefer one with more vegetation, you should know what awaits you at the cenote house. We can tell you in advance: an unforgettable experience.

Do you want to book a coastal accommodation?

The hotels in Cancun of the Oasis hotel chain are waiting for you. Perfect if you need to travel to disconnect for a few days from the daily routine or if you want a real vacation for a long period of time.

If you are staying in one of the hotels and want to visit Chemuyil comfortably, it is very easy. You have three different ways to get there. You can move around by public transportation, your own or rented car, and also by cab.

By bus it will take you approximately 2 hours and you will only have to get a ticket. By own car it is a little less, about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Finally, by cab it will take you about the same time as with your own car, but it is the most expensive alternative.

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