It’s not Soleil, it’s Oasis


El Origen, Oasis Cancun

When I shared one of the images of this text on my personal Facebook profile I received a message from a friend asking me if it was Cirque du soleil, the famous Canadian circus that recently arrived in Quintana Roo and that impacts millions around the world every year, I proudly answered that it is actually the Cirque du Soleil Show. Oasis Cancun called the Origin, a breathtaking show performed by the aerial dance theater group “Humanicorp” and that represents a journey through the history of our lands mainly focused on the clash of cultures that gave rise to the conquest, miscegenation and finally our country as we know it today.



This show takes place in the majestic Lobby of “The pyramid” the most exclusive area of the Oasis Cancun complex and home of what has been for years the number 1 entertainment of this city.

The presentation has all the elements to leave the audience speechless, impressive costumes, masterful handling of lights and sound, but above all the incredible performance of the group of actors-dancers-acrobats (so, stuck because they do everything!) make the experience an unforgettable one. extraordinary moment, in memory that remains in the memory, in one of those moments that you will tell everyone about once you return home.

The house of entertainment


Oasis Cancun is the entertainment hotel

This of course is not the only show that happens in this hotel, and of course it is not restricted only to the guests of the hotel, Oasis Hotels & Resorts has the incredible program called “Runaway” which gives guests of Oasis Palm and Grand Oasis Sens the possibility of experiencing not only the hotel where they have decided to stay, but also the other properties of the hotel chain, so that anyone staying at Oasis can enjoy this wonderful artistic show, full of music, dance, acrobatics and above all the quality that the entertainment group led by the master Cuki Pons, responsible for the impressive concept of shows Oasis Hotels & Resorts offers.

There are hundreds of good reasons to stay at this hotel that continues to be a leader in terms of shows in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, but undoubtedly one of the most powerful has to be the possibility of enjoying such a high quality show, which competes or even surpasses international shows of the highest level and is also a pioneer in Cancun in this type of entertainment, all without having to pay extra, in the comfort of your own Resort and with the warmth and treatment that only Oasis can offer.


Show “El origen” (The origin)


Art in motion


World class shows

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