Learn about the Guelaguetza Tradition

Typical attire of the state of Oaxaca

Mexico, so full of culture and typical festivities celebrated year after year by its inhabitants and that little by little are beginning to be an attraction for foreigners who want to travel to live unique moments, in addition to learning about the customs of the country. Will you join us to learn about the history of Guelaguetza?

What does Guelaguetza mean?

Guelaguetza comes from the Zapotec language and means offering or present. Go sightseeing in the state of Oaxaca, territory where this folkloric festival celebrated on the first Monday of July, which brings together the 8 regions and 16 ethnic groups of the state, originates.

Guelaguetza Festival

A very important part of the traditional culture of the state of Oaxaca, this began in pre-Hispanic times. The festival consisted of a kind of ritual directed to the ancient gods, in which rites, dances or songs were performed to ask for good and abundant harvests. This ceremony took place in Daninayaaloani, a special place for the Zapotecs.

Remind you that this ancient civilization was polytheistic, which means that they worshipped many deities at the same time. In this case, goddesses of agriculture or cultivation, such as the Goddess of Corn or also known as Goddess Cenéotl, were more prominent.

Documents have been collected from the years between 1931 and 1934 in which there are written documents that show the importance of this festivity for the inhabitants of the territory of Oaxaca, which became ”Lunes del Cerro”, normally celebrated on the first Monday of the month of July. The renewed celebration consists of organizing a general program throughout the month full of social, cultural and sports activities.

Today’s Lunes del Cerro, a legacy of La Guelaguetza, is an explosion of tradition celebrating Oaxacan culture that both locals and foreign and national tourists will want to enjoy first hand.

Typical Guelaguetza Dances

The folkloric dances that were performed to worship the different gods were a reason for adoration and celebration, which nowadays have derived in several cultural activities. Among them are the tortoise dance or the feather dance, both performed for centuries.

We suggest you come in the month of July to see the typical costumes that are worn to perform the dances, traditional songs and of course enjoy the party.

It all starts with the beginning of Lunes del Cerro and the delivery of the scepter to the ”goddess of corn” who is present every year. You will also be able to see the show Donají, the legend, among other traditional plays.

Tacos de la Guelaquetza

Taking advantage of this occasion in which you will taste exquisite delicacies of Oaxacan gastronomy, you will have to visit the Guelaquetza taco restaurant, considered by many to be a must. What are you waiting for to try tacos, Mexico’s delicacy?

Another destination we suggest you to visit is Cancun and its wonderful all-inclusive hotels. Here you can appreciate real Mexican food or unique fusions that have been awarded on Tripadvisor, such as the Maki-taco restaurant.

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