Miss Tupper Sex at the Crazy Hot Coyote

Miss Tupper Sex


Actress, presenter, and writer, Pilar Ordonez is the brains behind ‘Miss Tupper Sex, a sex manual for open-minded women’, a book that has been turned into a show that covers – without taboos – the most provocative of topics and the tools used: toys, lotions and a whole host of devices that serve as catalysts in discovering the mysteries of women and sex.

With an open and interesting take on this subject, Pilar presents in 90 minutes the female libido in all its forms, from sexual appetite to fisting; with real testimonials of men and woman on what they do and do not like in the bedroom.


Pilar OrdóñezFollowing the ‘Tupper Sex’ phenomenon where women get together to talk about sex and buy sex toys, Pilar shows off some of these toys, hands out condoms and lubricant oil, and creates an animated monologue on sex education where revelations and humour go hand in hand.

Pilar will be performing her show at a handful of venues across Mexico, and of course here with us at the Crazy Hot Coyote in the Oh! By Oasis hotel. A venue that is no stranger to performances of this kind, having recently played host to the season long ‘Penelogias: An anthology of the penis’ by Namastr3s Productions. Another show that is humorous, educational and breaks taboos.



A sex manual for open-minded women

For this tour, Spanish-born Pilar, who has presented her monologue in front of Latin American audiences before, has adapted her show to include Mexican slang; because, as she writes on her blog, if you want them to laugh with you, you have to make sure they get you first.

These little details say a lot about the effort this talented lady goes to in each one of her monologues. Pilar jumps head first into Mexican culture and our double entendre laden language to bring you a show that promises to make you laugh, think and of course raise temperatures.




The show takes place on Saturday 29 August at 9pm, tickets cost just 200 Pesos (approximately US$11) and go on sale Monday 24 August at Café Nader coffee shops across the city, as well as the Oasis Smart and Oh! By Oasis.

Furthermore, tickets include the Burlesque Cabaret show afterwards; the most sensual and risqué of the three weekly shows that this hot, young club offers to all those looking for a great night out.

There are only 150 tickets available so please grab yours as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the sexiest night in Cancun!





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