Monarch butterflies

Monarch butterfly sanctuary in Mexico

If you are an absolute fan of this beautiful butterfly of black and orange colors, you must visit the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. It was created in 2000 in Michoacán. Read on to learn more.

Where is the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary?

Currently there are several regions officially registered as hibernation sites in Mexico.

Beginning in the northwest are the Sierra de San Andrés and the Sierra de Mil Cumbres in Michoacán. To the north is El Cerro Altamirano, also in Michoacán.

In the center we will find the Sierra de Chincua, the Sierra del Campanario, both between Michoacán and the state of Mexico. Finally, the western slope of the Nevado de Toluca, located in the south.

These sanctuaries, where there is abundant fauna and flora, are the perfect places for monarch butterflies (in this case) to spend a quiet and healthy hibernation.

They are perfect for several reasons, but one of the most important is that they are protected all year round. Normally the curious visitors who head to these magical destinations are very respectful of both the animals that inhabit them and the environment.

To continue looking for natural habitats of animals, we recommend you to go to Delfines beach in Cancun, where these friendly animals swim very close to the shore.

Monarch Butterfly Reserve: Key Dates

  • November: In this month the butterflies arrive at the sites they have chosen to hibernate. They may take several days to find the best place for them to rest.
  • December-January: Here they group together with their mates in a characteristic cluster shape to protect themselves from the cold at the top of the trees.
  • February-March: Butterflies reproduce during these dates, when more movement is observed. The time comes when they return to southern USA and northern Mexico.

The migrations of these small animals are among the most complex in the animal world. They are very long, in which they complete a round trip. During its life cycle it undergoes a surprising metamorphosis. Depending on the months and the environmental temperature, the so-called Methuselah generation can be born, which usually live a longer average life than other monarch butterflies.

The monarch butterfly up close

Piedra Herrada Sanctuary

One of the best known sanctuaries of the Biosphere Reserve of the precious monarch butterfly is the Sanctuary located between Temascaltepec and Valle Bravo, Mexico. In addition to observing its beautiful colors, this place is also known for the spiritual experiences that those who spend time there often have.

In addition to this one, you can visit the Ejido El Rosario, Ejido Cerro Prieto and Ejido Senguio sanctuaries, all located in Michoacán. In the state of Mexico go to Ejido La Mesa and Ejido El Capullin.

Reconnecting with nature is very easy in amazing places like this, where worries and daily stress are left behind (another good way to detox from routine is the Sensoria Spa, a relaxing experience that we recommend).

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