New Oasis Hotels & Resorts App

Oasis Hotels & Resorts welcomes to its family a new app that will make our guests’ stay even more pleasant.

As we all know mobile devices have a continuous and important presence in our daily routine, because they offer a lot of possibilities that make our lives easier.

During our vacations, we all look for rest and comfort, and that’s the reason why Oasis Hotels & Resorts presents its new app called Oasis Hotels. This app is designed to make your stay with us the best vacations of your life and it’s compatible with any smartphone.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and logged in as a guest, you’ll be required to enter the surname and room number of the reservation. This will allow you to book dinners at restaurants such as Benazuza and Black Hole, request special services such as romantic dinners, lobster dinners, Temazcal, make spa reservations, request room service, room maintenance services and housekeeping, as well as book tours and transfers to different points of the city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Moreover, this application is not only for guests, as it can be used as an informative platform. This means that it contains all you need to know about our hotels and the wide array of activities to discover.

If you don’t login as a guest,  all our hotels’ information will be displayed. You‘ll be able to book in hotels directly from it, see photos of the rooms that each hotel offers, check the menu and schedule of restaurants and bars, get information about special events and shows available in each hotel, in addition to consulting prices and options for tours and spa treatments.

If you don’t have the Oasis Hotels App yet, go to your App Store or Google Play and download it now!

Enjoy or plan a perfect vacation from the comfort of your cellphone or tablet.

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