Las Coloradas Beach

Visit Las Coloradas

If natural landscapes are your thing and you are eager to find hundreds of unique places to visit in the Mexican country, you will undoubtedly love Las Coloradas. This small secluded place in the municipality of Río Lagartos will surprise you. Las Coloradas Yucatan This beautiful...
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Panoramic view of Malinalco

The Magic Town of Malinalco

We bring you another great plan to connect with nature and gastronomy thanks to the magical town of Malinalco. Malinalco In this beautiful valley you are in the middle of the vegetation and mountains, but at the same time you are also in the middle of the city. Walk through the...
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Diving in the Gran Cenote Tulum

Why go to the Gran Cenote?

El Gran Cenote is one of the most popular cenotes located in the amazing Tulum, Mexican region of the Riviera Maya, you will love the experience in the middle of nature! El Gran Cenote: prices Depending on the way you want to visit the cenote, prices will vary: there are...
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Landscape in Villa del Carbon

The Coal Village

It was in the year 2015 when Villa del Carbon gets the appointment of Pueblo Magico of the state of Mexico…if you want to know more about it, stay and read the following lines. Villa del Carbon Magical Town You will know that Mexico is full of magical towns, and Villa del...
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Views of Manzanillo

Everything you need to know about Manzanillo

Get lost in the coastal city of Manzanillo, located in the state of Colima, to discover its hidden treasures. Are you ready for this new adventure? Origins of Manzanillo The inhabitants of this city took the name from a chamomile tree whose gender was changed. This happened...
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Six Flags Roller Coaster

Six Flags amusement park

Take your family to enjoy the Six Flags adventure park in Mexico City. If you enjoyed your visit to Xplor Park, you will also love this place. Entrance to Six Flags One-day tickets are priced at around 399 pesos and include various types of attractions, access to the horror...
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Nudist beaches in mexico

Nudist beaches in Mexico

To enjoy a paradisiacal place in the most comfortable way possible and without shame, it is a great option to look for nudist beaches. If you want to know where to go to escape from prying eyes and be totally at your leisure, read the following lines. Nude beach Oaxaca If you are...
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Valle Bravo

Valle de Bravo Mexico

Fancy a different plan to enjoy with your family or friends? Visit Valle Bravo, another of the places that, like Sayulita, Pueblo Mágico, is adding to the great list of fantastic places to discover in Mexico with the designation of Pueblo Mágico. The cabins in Valle Bravo One of...
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Indigenous girls in a Mexican village

The indigenous languages of Mexico

Learn more about the oldest indigenous languages of the Mexican country and which are the most widely spoken. Also learn about projects whose mission is to preserve culture beyond the near future. If you still have questions, we encourage you to research variants, language...
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