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Natural filling of the Supermanzana 41 field.

The active and voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement by companies is nowadays not only the will of conscientious businessmen but also an obligation for them to keep up with their environment and generate synergy with the different entities with which they coexist.

In this sense, Oasis Hotels & Resorts is a deeply  responsible company that is constantly searching for spaces in which to take advantage of the importance of a hotel group in favor of its collaborators, the city and society in general.


California red worm, responsible for this process.

A clear example of this responsibility is the management of organic waste. first waste utilization unit in the state The Quintana Roo Environmental Ministry has endorsed this project, which receives between 15 and 20 tons of natural waste generated in hotels every day, such as food leftovers, fruit and vegetable peelings, dried leaves and eggshells. These remains have a natural process of decomposition, however, there are methods to accelerate the process of recycling organic matter, such as vermicomposting, in which earthworms are used to devour the garbage, thus reducing the need to pile up garbage in landfills, contributing to reduce the greenhouse effect.  and thus closing the natural ecological cycle of these materials.

social responsibility

Oasis Foundation, socially responsible

Subsequently, these “wastes” can betransformed and usedin different ways. Recently, through its foundation, Oasis kicked off the construction of the natural grass on a sports field in the city’s Super Manzana 41, with the donation of 341 tons of organic solid waste that will be used in the construction of a new sports field in the city’s Super Manzana 41.  will become a space where young people and people of all ages can carry out sports and recreational activities that are of utmost importance for the healthy development and interaction of people.

This is just one example of how companies socially responsible can interact with society, governments and civil organizations to generate sustainable forms of business that help us to conserve the beautiful destination in which we live while promoting public spaces and activities that act for the benefit of the community, businesses and people in general.

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