Friends at beach club tulum

The beach clubs in Tulum

Friends at beach club tulum

If you want the best amenities while enjoying a day at the beach but still having a good time when the sun goes down, the best thing to do is to book a beach club. There you can rest, sunbathe and have fun until nightfall.

Tulum Beach Club

Beach clubs in Tulum are very common, in fact they are one of the main bets for tourists who want to travel to the Mexican Caribbean to have a great time. Sunbathe, cool off with great cocktails, eat incredible international or typical Mexican dishes: everything will be at your fingertips.

Beach Club Tulum

Are you ready to discover the best beach clubs in Tulum? to have the time of your life in daytime plans with your friends, we bring you three well-known beach clubs.

Beach Club Playa Paraíso

Before you can take the opportunity to see the archaeological site of Tulum, as this beach club is especially close to the archaeological site. Then you can finish your day in paradise beach.

This is a perfect place to enjoy authentic gastronomic delights or wonderful views of the sea. Lie back and relax in their comfortable beds while contemplating the scenery.

Coco Tulum Beach Club

One of the most beautiful beach clubs you can go to. Its white aesthetics, surrounded by palm trees and relaxed atmosphere will make you not want to leave.

Enjoy a great day of sun and beach while listening to the latest songs of the moment. Another of its peculiarities is the swing on the terrace to swing while watching the waves of the sea.

Papaya Playa Project Beach Club

Another beach club with a very particular aesthetic that will not leave you indifferent. Palm trees in the middle of the terrace will protect you from the sun and the Caribbean wind while you are with your friends.

If you like music, you will also go for it because different famous djs come here. You won’t miss good food, good cocktails and above all lots of fun.

The beaches of Tulum

  • Fishermen’s beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • Akumal Beach
  • Playa del Carmen
  • La Caleta Tankah Beach

In addition to the tourist attractions that are scattered throughout the city, you can not miss the biggest attraction: the beaches of Tulum, everything you need to know. Travel to the most important ones or if you feel like it and have time, visit them all.

Hotels near Tulum

Popular beach club in Tulum

If you have decided to book the excursion to the archaeological ruins of Tulum with Caribe Maya Travel Agency, you will have been able to appreciate all the unmissable tours that you can do in the vicinity.

In order to visit them all and have a well-deserved vacation on the beach, we recommend staying at the hotels in Cancun of the Oasis hotel chain. You will have plenty of magical places to go to, go out at night or enjoy the different beaches.

The services found in each of the resorts are perfect for any type of need that may arise during your stay. What are you waiting for to discover these fantastic all-inclusive hotels?

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