The Benefits of Vacationing


Cancun, the perfect place to vacation.

Traveling is a pleasure and more than a luxury a necessity, work is tedious and routine soils even the greatest of pleasures, traffic, noise and the many and sedentary hours of work require a counterbalance that allows us to relax and break the rhythm of everyday life, certainly the best way to break this stress is to travel and meet new places, people and cultures, break the routine, eat new things, live adventures.

Medical benefits .

Therapists and physicians have been pointing out for years that the benefits of traveling, but also traveling is beneficial for our body, regularly when we leave our home and job in search of new places to vacation, the adventure itself leads us to perform  different activities and routines, which improves our health.


Chichen Itza is an excellent vacation tour.

Just live your vacations.

One task we perform on a daily basis when we go on vacation is to get to know the typical or historical places of the region, in Cancun for example, you can visit some of the many archaeological sites in the area, Chichen Itzá, Tulum, Kohunlich, Cobá, these are just some of the possibilities, in fact many service promoters in Cancun offer nice tours to visit some of these wonderful places and include in the tour visits to Cenotes, where you can take a dip in crystal clear waters and increase the benefits you get from your trip.

Another way to take advantage of the time we have during the vacations in favor of our health is within the same hotel we visit, in Oasis we have a whole series of Spas that are designed for much more than just relaxing, a good exfoliation, a temazcal or a massage are all excellent treatments to lose toxins, relax the muscles or just improve the skin, come and visit us at Oasis Plus and ask for individual or couple packages at the Oasis of your choice.

The beach, the best medicine.


Vacationing at sea level is beneficial for your body.

One more way to help our body while we vacation is to go to the beach, it is well known that people with some cardiac complications related to blood pressure are recommended to live “at sea level”, this is because oxygenation The blood flow in our body through the blood pumped by the heart is easier and therefore better, which allows us for example to have a good performance in sports, simply by choosing Oasis as your next destination you are already favoring the body.  and mind.

Travel  also  helps the brain

In addition, there are neuroscience studies that show that new neural connections are
in the brain when we change the landscape or “environment”. In other words, traveling to another part of the world causes our brain to create “new neural pathways” and opens up the possibility of new ways of thinking.

Come to Oasis

As you can see, in addition to the obvious benefits for the mind, traveling also has positive effects on our physique, breaking the sedentary routine is beneficial, like breathing the clear blue Quintana Roo sky, like walking along the beautiful white sandy beaches, like forgetting everything for a few days and putting yourself in our hands, always remember before leaving on vacation, that Oasis is your best option.



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