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At There are many reasons why one chooses a hotel, price-quality ratio, location or customer service, are just some of the points to take into account when we decide on one hotel or another.  That is why today we are going to help you save time and money by showing you 5 reasons why a vacation in Smart Cancun  are your best option to get to know the Caribbean.

Privileged location.


Of course the first thing we think of when we hear vacation on the beach, is to stay in a beachfront hotel, but wait, Cancun is much more than just a beach destination, archaeological sites such as Chichen Itza, Coba or The Rey, beautiful cenotes of fresh water, wonderful parks such as Xcaret, Xel-ha or Selvática,jungle tours and much more await you in Cancun, in addition to the book at Smart Cancunyou are entitled to use one of the most beautiful and relaxing beach clubs in Cancun, the one at the hotel. Oasis PalmAll this plus the fact that we are located in the very heart of Cancun, make it easy to transport you to all these magnificent places that will undoubtedly make this vacation the best of your life.

All inclusive? Not this time.


All-inclusive vacations? No thanks!


The all-inclusive concept is an excellent tool to organize your trip in a simple and comfortable way, since you know that your food and beverages come from the hotel of your choice and you can be sure of their quality and taste.

However, Cancun is a city with an amazing palate culture, ours is a new city (barely 45 years old) and receives every day the influence of the thousands of people who come to this land to call it home, who bring with us the best of each of our places of origin, no matter if you want a spectacular dinner at one of the best restaurants in Mexico, or simply taste the traditional flavor of the Yucatan Peninsula.Cancun is an incredible place to go out to eat, walk around downtown, and discover the flavor of the Mexican southeast by giving you taste to the  palate.

Beautiful rooms without paying more.


Make your vacation perfect with a Junior Suite


Sometimes we like to enjoy luxury, a private pool facing the Caribbean Sea as in the case of the Oasis Sens is a marvel that few enjoy, but vacations can be much more than just a luxury, Sometimes, as we mentioned before, we seek adventure, but even so, after a long day of walking around Chichen Itza or climbing the beautiful pyramid of Coba, you will want to return to a place where you feel comfortable, calm and surrounded by an atmosphere of comfort.  Rent a junior suite at Smart Cancun and discover that a luxury room can also be in the center of the city. Rest as it should in its beautiful and comfortable bed and recover for the next adventure the next morning, we assure you that once there, you won’t miss the beach at all.

Vacation in   the Cancun of the Cancunenses.

Tigres de Quintana Roo ( photo Fernando Nuñez ) 9981610295

Q. Roo Tigers Stadium


Beyond the hotel zone there is another Cancun, one of beautiful parks, delicious restaurants, culture, sports and much more. Because of our privileged location, you can reach all these places even walking, visit the Tigres de Quintana Roo stadium, the planetarium or the Plaza las Americas, Cancun is fabulous and you will fall in love with its places and its people, traveling is discovering, do not lock yourself in a hotel all day, go out and live the city, meet its people, it will be an extraordinary vacation that you will never forget.

CHC is just a few steps away.


Crazy Hot Coyote

It comes as no surprise or new news that Oasis is the number 1 company in terms of entertainment in its hotels, the master Cuki Pons has created a world-class concept in entertainment, with shows of all kinds and  with a very talented group of artists who bring these wonderful shows to life in the different Oasis hotels. Crazy Hot Coyoteis an effort of the directors of Cancun’s largest chain for offering locals these shows previously reserved only for tourists staying in the beach area. So by staying with us you’ll be two steps away from the best show in town, without paying so much and with the attention of Oasis Hotels.

As you can see, at Smart Cancun great vacations await you and a lot of places to be discovered, go off script, meet new people, live the intimacy of Cancun, and discover all that this beautiful destination has for you, after all the best adventures are always the ones that are out of what you had planned.

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