The Chalco Valley

Panoramic view of the Chalco Valley

It is located in the municipality of Valle de Chalco Solidaridad and in it you can find different cultural and tourist attractions and job offers so that you can get to know the territory in more depth.

Attractions of the territory

The visit to the community museum is perfect for those who want to learn more about the archaeology of the place, as well as the culture exhibited in the Chalchiuhtlicue house. Another of the most appreciated attractions are the typical dishes of the local gastronomy: from cochinita pibil to tamales, including stews with delicious sauces.

Lake Chalco

The importance of Lake Chalco lies in the fact that it was one of the lakes where the ancient Aztec empire settled, which led to the creation of the amazing Tenochtitlan. It was formerly part of the Mexico Basin and provided fresh water to the citizens.

At present, this lake has hardly any water and the remaining part is flooded, which is called the Tlahuac wetlands. It was at the end of the 20th century when the dry part of Lake Chalco began to grow exponentially to give rise to several colonies that would eventually become the Municipality of Valle de Chalco Solidaridad.

The wetlands of Tláhuac are the natural habitat of different species of animals, in addition to being the small remnants of what is left of the lake. It is currently one of the country’s ecological protection zones and one of the areas where the consequences of climate change are being studied.

ODAPAS in Valle de Chalco

The decentralized public agency for the provision of drinking water, sewerage and sanitation services works to provide the citizens of the municipality with the rights set forth in the water law of the state of Mexico. Thanks to their website, you will be able to find all their services as well as relevant information for the residents of Valle de Chalco.

Job opportunities in Valle de Chalco

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Jobs in Valle de Chalco

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